2015-16 Class Covenants

In each of our homeroom classrooms, students and their teacher collaborated to articulate how they will work, play, and interact together this year in their shared learning environment. Their class covenants represent their commitment to each other and to the school learning environment.

Preschool & Pre-K Class Covenant
Be kind to our friends.
Try our best.
Follow directions.
Keep Jesus in our hearts.

Kindergarten Class Covenant
We will keep our room clean.
We will help each other out.
We will listen to each other and our teachers.
We will be kind to each other.

First Grade Class Covenant
We will help each other, share, and include others in play.

We will listen respectfully to our
friends and our teachers.

We will work as a team to learn.

We will choose to learn by asking
questions and trying our best.

Second Grade Class Covenant
We, the 2nd graders of OLG, promise to…
Be respectful listeners by not talking when teacher are talking.
Apologize & forgive when needed.
Be honest.
Focus & participate in class.
Be prayerful in Church during our Service Project.
Third Grade Class Covenant
We promise to raise our hands.
We promise to listen and follow directions.
We promise to be kind and helpful.
We promise to have a positive attitude.
We promise to be honest and respectful.
We promise to have fun and laugh!

Fourth Grade Class Covenant
We will be quiet in the hall.
We will chat less, work more.
We will let the teacher teach.
We will play fair.
We will work hard with homework, take our time and try not to be frustrated.

Fifth Grade Class Covenant
We promise to be as kind as possible to one another, and will work to be selfless, putting others first.
We promise to be honest and truthful, even when it is difficult.
We promise to be respectful and have good manners when speaking, eating, learning and playing.
We promise to respect all of God’s creation, especially our classmates, teachers, and environment.
We promise to forgive and ask for forgiveness.
Most importantly, we promise to always give our best, do our best, and be our best.

Sixth Grade Class Covenant
As 6th graders we want to go above and beyond academically with our ideas by brainstorming and adding more detail. We want to succeed in all subjects by studying and working hard all day, everyday and by listening and participating.

We want to be respectful to classmates by being open to suggestions, letting others speak, paying attention to others, including others and by being CAKE.

We want to be charitable and sharing, be kind to everyone, be thankful and pray often.

Seventh Grade Class Covenant
The seventh grade class of Our Lady of Guadalupe promises to:
Try to be competitive appropriately
Try to respect the learning environment
Try to prioritize well
Connect through humor

Eighth Grade “Class of 2016” Class Covenant
We will respect others and their ideas even if our opinions differ.
We wish to keep a positive and calm outlook on life, instead of being overtaken by competitiveness.
We choose to be honest.
We accept our responsibility to lead the school in grace and dignity.