5th Grade Weekly Highlights

March 16-20

Good morning 5th-grade!

I hope that your 1st day of remote learning was engaging and easy to figure out!

Lessons for Tuesday 3-17-2020

Music: https://www.guadalupe-school.org/remote-learning-music-at-olg/

Mr. Casey’s Math Group: Tuesday warm-up and 5-minute multiplication table. Tangy-Tuesday.


Ratios: Nearpod Review- Students need to go to nearpod.com and log in as a student and

enter class code: FERIJ (This is a remote experiment. Not sure if this will work out).


Reading: You will log into Google Classroom and get the new assignment and respond to

prompt, “Of the two themes in A Wrinkle in Time Discussed, Language and 

Communication & Good vs. Evil, which one “speaks” to you? (is more important, or you

are more passionate about.) How has this theme has been developed (give details from the book)? They will submit their responses and then post on the blog. They will then

reply on 3 of their classmate’s comments; following the class rules of online commenting. Blog:  https://olg5thgrade.edublogs.org/2020/03/17/analyzing-two-th…-wrinkle-in-time/


Library: Students must read independently for 45 minutes.


Grammar/ Vocabulary: Complete this assignment:



Spelling 3/16-3/20

Review- Workout pg. 97-100

Due: Fri 3/20


I hope everyone had a chance to read the email from Mr. Kramer.
If not, know that as of Monday 3/16 OLG will be closed to students for 6 weeks. As a staff, we have been formulating a plan for remote learning. In the younger grades this is achieved through packets of worksheets. For 5th-grade I’m opting for a more analogue/ digital hybrid approach. 5th-grade students have school provided email accounts, access to Google Classroom, our class blog, as well as accounts with several online learning games and content providers.
I will continue to send out daily parent emails but I will also email students assignments, links to instructional videos, and directions. Some work will be turned in digitally and some will be turned in when we return to class. It is important that you help your child keep track of their materials and to stay organized.
 I understand that not all families have a computer and/or a printer. Please, email me with any accommodations that I could make that would help with your situation while maintaining the education of your child. Due dates on assignments will be veryflexible. I will be coming into the school and could print out any documents for pick up.
As a staff, we are taking Friday to solidify our remote learning plan but please, if you can, send in larger bags tomorrow to accommodate the many materials I will be sending home!
I really appreciate your patience and flexibility during this unprecedented time.
February 24-28
  • February 26 – What a wonderful Ash Wednesday Mass.