A Glimpse into First Grade

Rita Gazewood
First Grade

ScienceIMG_0581Our study of air and weather is just getting started. What can you discover about air using feathers, straws, balloons, styrofoam balls, papers, vials, and water? We discovered air truly is amazing! It can move things, it can make noises occur, and it takes up space. It can be trapped in vials, submerged in water, and released as bubbles. We also discovered that air can become a barricade. When we submerged a vial with a paper towel inside facedown in water many of use managed to keep the towel dry. What discoveries!

The salmon have arrived! WhooHoo! On Wednesday, 150 vibrant orange Coho salmon eggs were gently placed in our tank. We will work with our 6th grade buddies to track and care for the salmon until we release them into the wild in May.


Inspired by the story Snowmen at Night. We imagined all the things magical snowmen might do at night! We made wonderful snow scenes filled with snow people and animals of all kinds. Cut paper and chalk as our media helped us to create some amazing scenes. How very creative we are!




With the return from a long winter break we discover that Christmas is still in full swing! In computers we created scenes of the nativity naming and identifying the members of the Holy Family. We learned all about Epiphany. With the revelation of Jesus to the three wise men all gentiles wereIMG_0599 invited into the story of Jesus. Oh Happy Day!

Through our “Promise” activity we learn about the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord! We acknowledge that baptism is the official welcoming into the Church and that we, as believers, also become teachers of the faith both in word and deed. Our Gospel reading, The Preaching of John the Baptist & The Baptism of Jesus (Luke 3: 15-16. 21-22) reminds us that Christmas is just the beginning of the story. As we move back into ordinary time we are eager to hear more.