About Preschool and Pre-K

Thanks to the visionary support of our School Fund Drive donors, a Preschool and Pre-K program was launched at Our Lady of Guadalupe approximately ten years ago, and a new classroom was created. Since then, hundreds of children have had a caring, developmentally-appropriate start to their learning journey in this program.  We are evolving, and next year we are excited to be opening a full-day / half-day Early Learning Center.

In the preschool program, children are learning to work, share, and communicate together, while engaging in a variety of early learning activities. The Pre-K program incorporates more beginning academic skills and concepts, laying a solid foundation for kindergarten and fostering confidence and a love of learning! Students in both Preschool and Pre-K have art, PE, Spanish, music, and library classes, and they quickly build proficiency with the iPads!

Current (2017-2018) Program Offerings:

Preschool (3 yr. olds)  AMx2 Tue/Thurs        8:30 – 11am
Pre-K (4 yr. olds)   AMx3 Mon/Wed/Fri  8:30 – 11am
Pre-K (4 yr. olds)   PMx5 Mon-Fri           12:30 – 3:00pm


2018-2019 Program Offerings:

NEW!  Full-day & Half-day opportunities available… five days a week:

Preschool & Pre-K:  Full Day Mon – Fri  8:00am – 4:00pm $9,500 annual tuition
Preschool & Pre-K:  AM Mon – Fri  8:00am – Noon $5,000
Preschool & Pre-K:  PM Mon – Fri  Noon – 4:00 $5,000

Click here for full tuition details. Other schedule options are at the discretion of ELC Director and School Principal.

NEW!  Before/After school care also available… 7am – 6pm!

Our Preschool/Pre-K classroom is an environment in which students feel comfortable and exude joy! Come see!

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