Advent in the Kindergarten Class

Barbara Zbaracki

Each morning the Kindergarteners gather around the Advent wreath. We light the candles, hear stories about Jesus’ coming into the world, learn about Christmas traditions, and finish with a Christmas carol. The children also reflect on the meaning of each candle. Click here to read what they have shared.

“The first week of Advent is the candle of hope.”
“I hope we get our Christmas tree up soon.”
“I hope my mom lets me stay up late tonight.
“I hope it stops raining so we can go outside for recess (so do Ms. Zbaracki and Miss Thorp).”
The second week is the candle of peace.
“I feel peace when I’m at church.”
“I pray for peace all over the world.”Image 1
“It’s peaceful when I go to bed”.
The third week is the candle of joy.
“I feel joy when I read a book.”
“My friends make me feel joy.”
“Singing makes me feel joyful.”
The fourth week is the candle of love.
How will you share God’s love with others?
Happy Holidays!!!!