April 21st Newsletter

April 21, 2016
Dear OLG Families,
Congratulations to Lauren Hobbs, this year’s recipient of the Distinguished Teacher/Staff Excellence Award. She will be traveling to Ireland this summer to study the culture, religious conflict and history of the country, exploring her own Irish heritage as it relates to American history and Irish immigration in the late 1700s – 1900s. Back in the classroom, she will tie her learning into current issues of immigration, religious intolerance, and Catholic Social Teaching. We wish her a refreshing and enriching travel experience!
Loretta Kramer will be moving into our kindergarten position, starting in the fall. Loretta has really been enjoying her time back in the classroom as our second grade long-term substitute and would love to return to having her own classroom. She has a lovely calm presence and does a wonderful job working with young children, and the primary team is very excited to partner with her!
We are also both excited and sad about the recent news that Nathan Franck has been offered and accepted a position that will bring new opportunities that align with his long-term career goals. We recognize that this is a great professional growth opportunity, and yet he will be sorely missed at OLG. Nathan will be teaching biology and Spanish at the Northwest School, and his work will include both middle school and high school classes, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with other educators within a science department. Other factors, such as the chance to walk to work, make this a compelling lifestyle decision. Nathan has built an incredible middle school science program at OLG and has been a leader in bringing an experiential focus on environmental education and service learning. His work developing curriculum has benefitted educators at OLG, throughout the Archdiocese and beyond. In addition, Nathan’s middle school Spanish instruction has prepared students well for high school language learning, and we are so grateful for his work in establishing an alumni-current student connection through T/Th Homework Club and bringing extracurricular programs such as robotics to OLG. We value his sense of initiative, creativity, and taking on new challenges; we just wish this one didn’t take him away from OLG!

We are beginning to receive applicants for other open positions and are taking this opportunity to be very intentional in thinking through OLG’s current needs and priorities as we seek applicants who will continue and build upon the strong work of their predecessors…we will keep you posted. Keep us in your prayers!

CYO Soccer Sign-ups – May 1st – 31st; sign up for fall soccer!
Summer Extracurriculars Registration

– middle school summer writing program is cancelled – sign up this spring or watch for fall courses! 
Living Rosary – May 1st. All families are invited to participate!
Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

School Counselor

A Time of Change
The winds of change are certainly beginning to blow. Not so noticeably perhaps in the midst of warm summer-like weather…The changes and transitions I’m referring to are those being felt by students, teachers, and parents.
In the revised book by William Bridges, Transitions, he views transition as “A natural process of disorientation and reorientation that marks the turning points of the path of growth. Throughout nature, growth involves periodic accelerations and transformations: Things go slowly for a time and nothing seems to change- until suddenly the eggshell cracks, the branch blossoms, the tadpole’s tail shrinks away, the leaf falls, the bird molts, the hibernation begins. With us it is the same. Although the signs are less clear than in the world of feather and leaf, the functions of transition times are the same. They are key times in the natural process of self-renewal.”
Bridges highlights three phases of transition as (1) an ending, followed by (2) a period of confusion and distress, leading to (3) a new beginning.  What are the events that have brought about changes in your life in this past year? In what areas of your life are changes evident? How do they affect you and your family?
Consider relationships. Has there been a separation or divorce, death of a spouse or friend, a child leaving home? What about changes in your home life? Has there been a marriage, a move to a new home, remodeling a old one? Have there been personal changes, such as illness, job change, a return to school, a change in life-style? Perhaps there have been inner changes, deepening social or political views, a spiritual awakening, changes in self-image or values, a forming of new goals and directions…or just the awareness of a shift, enough to say, “I’m changing.”
How have your children changed this year? Think back to those first few days of school. Has you child grown academically? Have they found and embraced their gifts and abilities, found strength and pushed through their challenges? Are they finding their voice within their circle of peers? Is their sense of service, respect, and responsibility becoming more apparent?
We are all constantly in transition, all in the midst of change. But if our kids moods and dispositions are currently in flux, it’s understandable given all the changes taking place. Younger students can see that school will be winding down soon. There are summer camps to decide upon, trips on a plane to see grandma in discussion, and day care options to consider. Students’ thoughts also turn to moving up one grade level next year. Eighth graders are completing their time at OLG, doing many things for the LAST time! Some families will be leaving our school, and new families arriving in the fall. Several teachers are in the midst of transitions, moving on to new opportunities and challenges.
As Bridges wrote, “Endings and beginnings, with emptiness and germination in between. That basic shape is so essential to growth that we must learn to recognize it in our lives.”

News From the Band!  Spring Means Concert Time!
Here’s the line-up for all band members (gr. 5-8):
Band Festival – May 18th/7:00 pm/Kennedy Catholic High School –  Please be looking for the information sheets coming home with your child!
OLG Spring Concert: May 25th
We will also be treating our 4th graders to a mini concert May 27th during the day.
Elementary Summer Band Camp with Miss McKamey is set for July 11th -15th!  Visit the Kennedy Catholic High School website  to see details and register!!

Pastoral Assistant for Outreach
April Community Meal
Happy Easter season!  Through service, community, and delicious food, we find joy and life in one another.  The Community Meal happens each month at OLG and strives to provide a free meal for anyone in the greater community who wishes to attend. The April Community Meal is this Sunday, April 24th in the Walmesley Center/Gym and all are welcome!  We are also in need of homemade or store-bought desserts to share with our guests (drop off any time after 9:45am).  If you’re able to donate a dessert, please contact Colleen, our Volunteer Coordinator. We often hand out leftovers at the end of the meal so we suggest bringing a bag for carryout.
WHEEL Shelter Temporarily Closed
We are sad to report that the WHEEL women’s shelter at OLG will be temporarily closed for an undetermined amount of time.  WHEEL has been struggling financially for the past year and, although they’ve been working to get more funding, they are at the point where they can no longer afford to keep their 15 self-managed indoor shelters open.  The organization is currently in debt with some staff withholding their own salaries.  For the time being then, only their Tent Cities and shelter at Sacred Heart will remain open.  Residents from the 15 closed shelters have the option of joining a “camp out” at the King County Administration Building, where they will gather to negotiate the funding needed to reopen their shelters.  OLG is ready to welcome women back to our campus when/if the funding comes through.  In the meantime, parishioners are invited to bring meals or water to the campers in downtown Seattle, donate to WHEEL, and/or advocate for funding.  On May 1st, a benefit concert called “Street Requiem” will be held at Benaroya Hall.
Removing the Stigma of Mental Illness as a Welcoming Faith Community
Join us on Saturday, April 30th from 10:00 – 11:30 am in the Walmesley Center/gym as we learn more about mental illness.  Fr. Patrick Howell, author and professor, will provide a biblical perspective on mental illness and suggest ways that faith communities can be supportive.  Drawing on his own personal experience of mental illness, he will share stories, help us to understand the struggle and stigma often associated with mental illness, and recommend ways to break down stereotypes. This is event is sponsored by OLG’s Life, Justice and Peace Commission, which has chosen to focus on mental health during this Year of Mercy.  All are welcome.  For more information, contact Jennifer at (206) 935-0358 x120 or visit our website.

It’s almost time to register for CYO Fall Soccer.

Click here to learn more about CYO sports at OLG!


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Talent Show Sign-Up Forms Due
April 22, 2016
NOON Dismissal for Staff Professional Development Day
April 29, 2016
First Communion 
April 30, 2016
MAP Testing
Grades 1-8
May 2 – 13, 2016
NOON Dismissal
May 13, 2016
Festival of the Bands
at Kennedy Catholic High School
May 18, 2016
7:00 pm
8th Grade Musical
May 20, 2016
7:00 pm
Walmesley Center
Spring Concert
May 25, 2016
7:00 pm
Field Day
June 1, 2016
9:30 – 11:30,
 followed by lunch
Light of Leadership Mass
9:00 am
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June 2, 2016
Last Day of School 
June 10, 2016
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School Supply Drop-off Night for 2016-17
August 30, 2016
First Day of School for 2016-17
September 1, 2016
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Please pray for Dolly Anderson, neighbor and friend of the Trius family; she recently went to Heaven.
Please pray for Jerry Hickey, grandfather of Dorothy and Charlie Dyer, and father of Toddy Dyer, who passed away in late March.