Art Class News

Debbie Bellia

Art News, Pre-K – 8th grade

The students at OLG have been making great progress on their art work. We have been doing Image 1a lot of drawing and are working on many different projects, some of which are currently displayed in the hallways.

The pre-k, kindergarten and 1st grades have completed pumpkin drawings using

chalk pastels on brown paper. They learned how to make a shape become a form by

filling with color and adding contour lines. They also learned how to use highlight and

shadow to make their pumpkins appear as 3D forms. They did a great job

demonstrating that in their work.

The 2nd grade is working on creating a tropical rainforest mural as part of their

study of S. America. They are drawing and painting large plants, flowers, animal and

bird subjects that will be cut and composed onto large jungle murals they will create this

week. Their subjects are amazing and the completed mural is going to be a great

reflection of their art skills.

The 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th grades are working on warm color watercolor leaf

studies that are floating on a cool color watercolor background. The background is

abstract and filled with intricate patterns that were drawn in black Sharpie pens. The

patterns were then painted using greens, blues and purples. Their works are almost

completed and are a beautiful example of organic and abstract subjects combined in

one piece of art.

The 8th grade is working on close up pencil drawings of a mammal, bird, reptile

or amphibian subjects. They are shading their subjects showing a full range of light and

dark and adding details like fur, scales or feathers. The drawings will be cut out and

added to a paper collage frame that implies the subject’s habitat using color and

textures from images cut from magazines. They will also be incorporating the subjects

name into the framework. The completed work will have black background with the

pencil drawn subject popping out of the frame. They are doing an awesome job on their

work so far.

It has been a very productive month in art. The students continue to do amazing

work and have endless creative energy while doing it. It is pure joy to teach them!