Battle of the Books 2023

The 2023 Battle of the Books

  • See Round 1 Winners!

  • Round 2: May 11
  • Round 3
    • Gr 4-6 Finals May 22 at the Assumption St Bridget School 8:30 am – 1:00 pm
    • Middle School Finals May 23 at St. Lukes in Shoreline 8:30 am- 2:00 pm

Battle of the Books 2022-23 Grades 4-6

Battle of the Books 2022-23  Grades 6-8


Dear Families, 

Our teacher-librarian, Mrs. Sommerville, introduced the Battle of the Books reading incentive program to the 4th – 8th grade. This is the 5th year for this reading incentive program sponsored by Our Lady of Guadalupe’s school library. Students are encouraged but not required to participate. 

Students who choose to participate will form a team of four, read as many of the nominated books (see list(s) to right), and participate in a Jeopardy style competition. The winning team from each level will compete for the honor of representing OLG at regional competition against teams throughout the archdiocese.

Families are welcome to purchase books for their child but it is not required. Our school library has at least one copy of each title.The Seattle Public Library and the King County library buy multiple copies of these titles and they also have audio and ebook options for some of titles so there are many options for access to the books. 

 By mid January, students commit to a grade-level team which consists of four students. Each team  will determine which books each student will read based on the input from their teammates.The goal is to ensure that at least one person on each team has read each of the 12 books. 

In the first round of competition, grade level teams will compete against their classmates answering questions about the 12 award-nominated books. The winning team from each grade will then compete against other grades for a chance to go to regionals. Our school’s champion will compete against the winning teams from other regional Catholic elementary schools in May.


Now-May: Read the books
Jan: commit to a team and divide up book titles (this can be done sooner if students prefer)
Jan-May: read, and talk with your team about the books
April-May: Class, School  and Regional Competitions