Cinco de Mayo Jog-a-Thon


Cinco de Mayo Jog-a-thon

We’re trying to wrap up our last big fundraiser of the year! You can take advantage of our event website to make your 100% tax-deductible donation for this year’s jog-a-thon. Be sure to forward the link on to family, friends and neighbors who made pledges.

Thank you for the support of our school.

Any questions, contact Sarah Housknecht or Linda O’Keefe.

*Funds raised through the annual jog-a-thon contribute to the Parent Org’s overall 2016-17 fundraising goal of $125,000 towards the school’s operating budget, providing funding for essentials, including instructional and office supplies, school maintenance and utilities, technology expenses, and more. Our fundraisers help bridge the gap between tuition revenue and the actual cost of providing an OLG education.