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Below, you will find links to all homeroom class pages and specialist pages.

Homeroom Pages

Mrs. Janet McClelland

Mrs. Loretta Kramer

First Grade
Mrs. Rita Gazewood

Second Grade
Mrs. Rachel Hoch

Third Grade
Ms. Kysa Sedivy

Fourth Grade
Mrs. Catherine Wilson

Fifth Grade
Mr. Casey Loose

Sixth Grade
Ms. Sarah Nadalin

Seventh Grade
Ms. Kelly Smale

Eighth Grade
Ms. Lauren Hobbs

Specialist Pages

Math Specialist 6-7-8
Ms. Allie Saviio

Music Specialist Pre-K – 5
Ms. Ann Sager

Physical Education
Mrs. Debbie Powell

Spanish Specialist K-5
Mrs. Blanca Den Adel

Technology & Librarian
Mrs. Beth Sommerville

Band Instructor
Miss Frances McKamey

Choir 6, 7, 8
Mrs. Jessica Milanese