Learning Is Fun!

September Highlights

Friends old and new!

As school began we loved catching up with friends! We welcome new friends and family! We are so excited to welcome our new friends, Teagan, Olivia, and Raelynn. Be sure to say hello to the McCullough, Nojaim, and Phillips families and welcome them OLG style!


Routines! Routines! Routines!

We learned all about first grade these first weeks! We broke in our new desks, cubbies and mailboxes. We learned new jobs; we are most excited to feed our class pet, Frogina, and in being in charge of lunch bins! We learned about Sharing (Show ‘n Tell) and “PV LEGS” and explored centers.


Safety First

We are big on safety! We practiced our safety drills: fire, earthquake, and intruder. We are well prepared! We were models of safety for our first all school fire drill!



We recognized that “Diversity creates dimension in our world.” We created our own unique butterflies to adorn the classroom as a reminder that God made each us special. From there we created our class covenant that honors us as individuals and helps live in community

First Grade Class Covenant

We will be nice to each other and help one another.

We will take care of ourselves, not boss others, and not give up.

We will listen to others and not interrupt.

We will use kind voices and gentle hands


We learned to frame our covenant with one another as a promise to each other with God in the middle. To do this we first learned about God’s many covenants with mankind. We began at the beginning, listening to the story of Noah’s Ark in Genesis with new ears. We focused on the how God saved all living creatures because as His creation they are all precious and valuable. We heard God’s promise to His people and know that the rainbow is a symbol of this covenant. We also learned that Jesus became the new covenant much, much later.

We also recognized a new name for God, Creator. We understand that God created everything and gave thanks for the gifts of Creation. We learned that the mass is a celebration of Him in all His goodness! We learned that there are two main parts (made up of many) to this special celebration, Liturgy of the Word and Liturgy of the Eucharist. We individually identified our favorite part of the mass.


Language Arts

As we completed our reading assessments we enjoyed partner reading. We explored character, setting, and plot. We are now working in reading groups and enjoy the small group time.

We practiced our handwriting. We are working on correct formation of our “magic c” letters and reviewing all of our uppercase letters. We learned some new alphabet/sound songs and we practiced daily spelling on our white boards. So cool! We are quickly gaining new spelling skills with daily spelling activities on our white boards. We’re mastering sounds and letter pairs and using them to spell words with three phonemes. We are also working on mastering “tricky” (sight) words. We write complete sentences with correct capitalization and ending marks.


We showed off what we remember from kindergarten with our checkpoints. We learned all about calendar time math which includes patterns, time, tally marks, counting patterns, and place value. We enjoyed some hands-on counting activities with ten frames. We dove into numbers 0-10 with many hands-on activities. We are working to master writing our number words, modeling and comparing numbers with precision, and grasping how greater than and less than are related.

We are learning all about numbers and their relationships through number bonds. We love our problem solving time!


Social Studies

We’re learning that Social Studies is all about how people interact with one another and their surroundings. We began our Storypath Unit, Families in Their Neighborhoods. We have created homes and other important buildings for our frieze of neighborhood. Over the next weeks will we be adding more to our neighborhood.



We began with the basics. How do scientists discover and learn? Using their five senses, of course! We reviewed our five senses. We also learned some cool new things. Did you know that your pupils shrink and expand according how much light there is? Did you know that it is you nose that distinguishes the real taste of foods? (Your taste buds only let you know if foods are sweet, salty, sour, or bitter.) We recognize that our senses enable us to explore the world and help us become skilled scientists. We loved modeling these senses when we made our “Senses People”. Creating our people was sensational! Our people have glorious googly eyes, fragrant fluffy noses, golden jingly ears, scratchy sandpaper legs and arms, and sweet, delicious mouths.

We have begun our first Foss Unit of Study, Sound and Light. Hands-on exploration of sound is very exciting! Just ask about vibrations! We are beginning to record our observations in our science journals, too.


September Highlights 2019

Curriculum Night Handout

1st Grade Daily Schedule 2019-20