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                                October Highlights


We stretch the idea of family from our family tree project to recognize the even greater family to which we belong, God’s family. As members of God’s family we are connected to special people like the saints. Saint Francis is one of our favorites. Just ask us about “Brother Wolf’.

We continue to explore God’s message for through the BIBLE and know that it is God’s word. We know God is our Father and we recognize Jesus as God’s son and our teacher. We recognize that God is three in one. We can name and identify the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as the Holy Trinity.

Our Promise activities help us break open the gospel in ways we can understand and help us apply the concepts to our lives. We practice our mass responses as part of our Promise activities. Please encourage us to participate in mass whenever possible.

We dive into our year-long service project which highlights the Catholic Social Teaching themes of Solidarity and Option for the Poor and Vulnerable. Students make cards monthly for the residents of Providence Mount Saint Vincent. Our Halloween cards provide some spooky entertainment for our neighbors down the hill.


Language Arts

Reading! Reading! Reading! We practice building fluency with repeated reading of familiar stories and reading in partner pairs as part of our reading group time. We are hard at work on our reading comprehension skills. We are learning how to summarize a story with a “retell”; we know that every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. We liken it to an Oreo cookie. The beginning, like the top layer is what establishes the story (crunchy clarification), like the creamy center, the middle is where the all bulk of the story takes place (delicious details), and like the bottom layer the ending wraps up the story (crunchy conclusion).

We find our rhythm and expression in oral reading with an even greater focus on punctuation in our reading. We pause at commas, stop at periods, speak emphatically at exclamation points, speak in character with quotations, and raise our voices ever so slightly at question marks. We notice that careful attention to punctuation impacts our understanding of what we read and it makes stories more interesting!

In spelling we add new sounds and tricky words to our cache each week. We build 3-4 sound words, play with word families, and focus on correct capitalization and ending marks.

We used our writing skills to finish and then share our five senses books with friends during our first editing session. We apply these same writing skills using both the iPads and the Chromebooks as media to create five senses stories about our classroom created neighborhood. As a class we used naming again words to tell about many names for God. We shared our reading with Fr. Kevin Undoubtedly he was very impressed about how much we already know about the Creator.



Number bonds! Number bonds! Number bonds! We worked extensively with snap cube trains and math balances to make and prove number bonds. We clearly recognize that numbers bonds consist of relationships between the whole group and the parts of a group. In class proving what you know is the name of the game and we love proving what we know!

We work more with number bonds and number sentences (equations) to create and solve real world math problems. We recognize that number bonds and addition number sentences are tools to solve and express real world problems. We go deeper into our understanding of equality. We see that the equal sign is much like the fulcrum of a seesaw. What ever is on one side must be the same quantity for things to balance (or be truly equal). So we recognize that if 2+4= 6 and 4+2=6, then 2+4 = 4+2. We love using the number balance to demonstrate this concept. We are truly mastering number bonds and clearly understand the part, part, whole relationship which will help us tremendously as we dive deeper into subtraction in the next few weeks.


Social Studies

We are moving deeper into our Families unit. As table groups we created our own family unit. Each student chose his or her own character in the family. They decided the characters name, role, age, place of birth, favorite activity, and food. We brought our families to life. We enjoyed creating visuals of our characters. We identified our unique family members and their particular roles. Each family group hangs above the corresponding table group as reminder that each person plays a critical role in family life.

We then shared our special family groups with the whole group. Our families created family crests to depict all the things that make our family unit special. We identify our unique family name, favorite family activity, holiday, tradition, and family values. We shared our crests with the other families of our neighborhoods.


We use the 3 R’s of science (“Research, Record, Report!”). Every investigation involves systematic research, scientific record keeping, and responsible reporting. We used these skills in our investigations in the Sound and Light unit of study. We recognized sound sources and sound receivers. We build our science journals with a table of contents. We journaled our observations of sound using the drop chamber. We discovered that some sounds are easier to identify than others. We wondered why that was.

This led to more explorations of sound. We investigated the questions “How can we make loud and soft sounds?” and “How can we make low and high pitched sounds?” We now have a better understanding of volume and pitch and how they relate to vibration. We have more questions which certainly will lead to more investigations. Science is incredibly exciting!



We love using special holidays for inspiration! We made bats in the moon silhouettes to create some Halloween décor for the classroom.

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