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February Fun!



February has love in the air! We recognize that love is the core of the greatest commandment. (“You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”-Matthew 22: 37, 39) We see that love comes in many forms. We appreciate the love that special people play in our lives, especially those who came to visit during Catholic Schools Week. We write and deliver thank you letters to them. We also help spread love with our creation of Valentines for the residents of Providence Mount Saint Vincent.

Through our weekly gospel activities we grow in our understanding of the word of God. We learn our mass responses more fully so we can be fully active participants in mass. We celebrate Mardi Gras in order to truly appreciate the sacrifices of Lent. Ash Wednesday marks to start of our Lenten journey.

Language Arts

We are growing as readers each day! We build our fluency and expressive reading skills by repeated readings of passages. We use these repeated readings to further develop our comprehension skills. We are mastering the art of story maps (written retells) and reports (written factual summaries.) We “cite text” to ensure accuracy. We are working on applying spelling and mechanics consistently in all our work.

In spelling we continue to grow our sound knowledge with more patterns. Our sight word knowledge cache is growing as well. We show action in our language with the use of predicating words (action verbs). We recognize sentences as complete thoughts. First we build Pattern 1 sentences (Nouns + Action Verbs.) We then make our writing more interesting by adding attributing words (adjectives) and adverbs. We do this by expanding our Pattern 1 sentences to Pattern 2 sentences (Adjective + Noun + Action Verb + Adverb/Adverbial Phrase). We are using these skills to create a book about the life cycle of the salmon using Seesaw.


We focus on computation skills in both addition and subtraction. We use and apply many strategies and tools to solve problems using numbers 0-20. Our newly developed place value sense comes in handy with the make ten strategy. We further apply these skills in real world problems.

The TIPS problem solving method really helps us solve complex problems.

T: Think: First we must “think”. What is the operation? Addition or subtraction?

I: Information: Then we gather “information”. What information (numbers) do we have?

P: Plan: Then we make a “plan.” We formulate a plan (problem) for solving.

S: Solution: We come up with a “solution.” We answer the initial question with a sentence.

Social Studies

We wrap up our Storypath Unit, Families in Their Neighborhoods. Our final activity was planning a community celebration. We worked in committees to plan the order of events, the games, music, food, announcements, and advertisements. Our celebration was not only well planned but also incredibly joyful!

Through our many experiences we realize that community members have certain rights and with these rights come responsibilities. See the student-generated list below. What amazing and thoughtful students we are!


We have a right to be…

  • free.
  • treated nicely.
  • treated fairly.
  • happy.
  • safe.
  • in a clean neighborhood.


We must…

  • stand up for our rights.
  • be nice.
  • be fair.
  • treat others the way we want to be treated.
  • be clean.


Our study of Sound and Light continues. We continue to manipulate light sources and discover what light receivers/detectors are. We found ways to redirect light using mirrors. We discovered that light can be redirected by reflecting it off a mirror or another reflective surface. We also discovered that a reflection allows us to see things we are unable to see with out them like our faces and things behind us. We also noticed that reflections differ from the original items; the images appear backwards or upside down.


We enjoyed making some Valentines for our parents and some Valentine crafts at our Valentine party. Our magical heart wands remind of us the magic of love…no matter how you give away there is always more to share!

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