Meet Ms. Rita Gazewood


Greetings! My name is Mrs. Rita Gazewood. My studies at Montana State University-Billings included a major of Elementary Education (K-8) and a minor of Reading (K-12). I explored various school structures and grade levels to find my teaching passion. My faith led me to Catholic education. My love of reading has brought me to the first grade level. Witnessing students emerging into literacy and guiding the process fills me with joy!

I have enjoyed being the first grade teacher at Our Lady of Guadalupe School for the past twenty-two years. As a teacher, a parishioner, and a parent of a 2020 OLG graduate, I’m thrilled to be in the midst of my twenty-third year as part of this amazing community.

Summer break provided some needed respite from an incredibly busy year! Much of the summer was spent celebrating the life of an incredible woman, my mother, who passed unexpectedly at the end of the school year. Her ninety years here on earth were a grand adventure! As the mother of 15 children she was a master organizer, a creative and artistic genius, and an avid life-long learner. She passed her incredible faith and endless wonder along to her children and grandchildren! Through example she taught me to listen ever so carefully to the wisdom of small children.

As I sought my teaching home she encouraged me to explore Catholic Schools and her wisdom led me here to OLG. As we went through her effects I found she had bestowed a delightful surprise for me in her many treasures, “Grandma’s Gallery.” As an accomplished artist she recognized that creativity must be fostered and celebrated at every stage. With the help of her many grandchildren she made a rotating “gallery” to showcase the talent of them all.   I am eager to bring the gallery to life in my classroom this fall with the masterpieces yet to be dreamed by my students.

I’m looking forward to another great year!

God Bless!

Rita Gazewood