Meet Ms. Rita Gazewood


Greetings! My name is Mrs. Rita Gazewood. My studies at Montana State University-Billings included a major of Elementary Education (K-8) and a minor of Reading (K-12). I explored various school structures and grade levels to find my teaching passion. My faith led me to Catholic education. My love of reading has brought me to the first grade level. Witnessing students emerging into literacy and guiding the process fills me with joy!

I have enjoyed being the first grade teacher at Our Lady of Guadalupe School for the past twenty-one years. As a teacher, a parishioner, and a parent of a 2020 OLG graduate, I’m thrilled to be in the midst of my twenty-second year as part of this amazing community.

Summer break was busy, busy, busy! It was filled with learning!  I participated in some fantastic online classes and trainings. I dove deep into the Next Generation Science standards and proven strategies for teacher mentoring. I expanded my knowledge and tools for fostering social and emotional learning. I also explored various tools and practices to support learning in a remote and/or new in-person model. I am eager to apply this new learning to my teaching toolkit.

Over summer there were moments of respite filled with quiet time and family. Walks with our dogs were the most comforting of all!  As the summer days wind down I look to the new school year with gratitude, determination, and hope.

I’m looking forward to another great year!

God Bless!

Rita Gazewood