3rd Grade Weekly Homework


Throughout our Distance Learning, students are going to have very minimal homework.  They will be expected to..

  1. Complete any work that was not completed during the school day and was assigned that day (such as a math assignment that should have been completed during the work time, but wasn’t).  This will keep them on track for the upcoming school day, and make sure that they aren’t falling behind in their studies due to any disruptions at home.
  2. Read! Reading for at least 20 minutes a day is amazing! I will be sending home a monthly Reading Log at the beginning of each month for you to fill out.  If you complete it and return it on the date given, you will earn something awesome! For the month of September, you will earn the opportunity for a virtual popsicle party with your classmates! So, read read read!!
  3. Spelling Tic Tac Toe assignments.  You will be expected to work on 3 sets of spelling assignments of your choice through out the week.  They will be expected to be turned in on Fridays with your packet of work from that week.