4th Grade Academic Overview

Academic Overview


Fourth Grade,

Our Lady of Guadalupe School






Religion: Our year long focus is morality, with an emphasis on free will and personal responsibility. Topics include Creation, 10 Commandments, Law of Love, Beatitudes, Sin, and Reconciliation. We use the text Finding God, Loyola Press Publishers, quality picture books and the weekly periodical Ventures. During remote learning one video lesson a week will speak to our curriculum. Sometimes there is content for our weekly quiz. There is also a weekly link to video representation of Sunday’s Gospel.


Science: Our learning is driven by inquiry, hands-on and multisensory activities, student-to-student interaction, reflective thinking, reading and research. Topics include Energy, Environments and Metric Measurement. We study the scientific process and complete investigations using Full Option Science System (FOSS) Kits. During remote learning one zoom lesson and one video lesson each week will include hands on investigations, reading and discussion. Packets of science materials are made to cover several weeks of investigation. They are ready for pick up at least one week before they are needed.


Social Studies: Our study is centered on the geography and history of Washington State and the Pacific Northwest. Topics include civics, geography, Native American tribes of the Northwest, famous explorers, the westward movement and state government. We use the texts The Washington Adventure by Gibbs Smith Publishers and Nations of the Northwest Coast published by Crabtree Publishing Company. We study Coastal Tribes of the Northwest and the Oregon Trail using a Storypath Units where inquiry guides student learning, integrating history, reading, writing, art and presentation. The weekly periodical, Time For Kids, introduces timely topics for current information and critical discussion. During remote learning we’ll start with civics, to mirror our national elections.


Math: Our year long focus is arithmetic, problem solving and communicating our thinking with an emphasis on Mathematical Practices. Topics include Place Value, Fractions and Decimals, Multiplication and Division, Mental Math, Interpreting Data, Geometry, and Measurement. We use the text Math in Focus: Singapore Math. During remote learning math specialist Ms. Lawler’s small group math zooms take place at 11:00, four times a week. Students are expected to watch the instructional math video and start the math assignment before attending the 11:00 zoom.


Writing/Language Arts: Our focus for the year is the writing process and seven traits of effective writing. Writing tasks include personal narratives, expository essays, friendly letters, opinion/persuasive essays, descriptive writing, comparison and writing summaries across all subject areas. Our study of Conventions includes parts of a sentence, subject/verb agreement, punctuation, and dialogue. We use the texts Writers Express by Write Source Publishers. Spelling focuses on how certain sounds are spelled using grade level words. The texts Spelling Workout, Level D, Modern Curriculum Press and Vocabulary for Achievement, Great Source Publishers are used.   During remote learning one zoom lesson and one video lesson each week will focus on curriculum goals. Spelling pretest, test and workbook assignments are a weekly routine. Writing prompts are done in the writing journal, which is turned in monthly. Small group time (after morning zooms) will sometimes focus on writing.


Reading: Our focus for the year is both fluency and comprehension. Instruction includes reading in groups, pairs, and individually with the use of fiction, informational, text and trade books. Topics include comprehension strategies, making inferences and predictions, noting main idea and details, taking notes, elements of fictions, character study, fact versus opinion and making judgments. Strategies from the text Daybook of Critical Reading and Writing by Great Source Publishers are used, as well as several chapter books and informational texts. Individual reading at home is a vital part of our reading program. Home reading includes assigned text to read aloud each day and 20 minutes of reading at individual “just right” levels to promote growth. When we are back in person, students will perform the play “Pirates from Grammar Island” or “Government & Citizenship: How Democracy Came to the Beehive” from Bad Wolf Press. During remote learning reading lessons are given through video with discussions through zoom. Reading assignments are often done in the reading journal, which is turned in monthly. Small group time (after morning zooms) will sometimes focus on reading.


Spanish, Music and PE are part of the general curriculum.

4TH GRADE MUSIC 2020 Music grades are based on attendance and participation.

TUESDAYS at 10:30 am:  Live Music class with Ms. Sager on Mrs. Wilson’s Zoom.

THURSDAYS:  A pre-recorded lesson plus a Google Forms quiz will be available for students to access.

4th Grade Music will be filled with songs, note and rhythm notation, solfege, musical dictation, musical travels, musical theatre read-throughs, and (potentially) recorders!



P.E. LIVE classes will be on Fridays, recorded activity on Wednesday.  Get ready to move, shake out some wiggles, be silly and have FUN.  Please make sure your child wears comfortable clothing they can easily move in and appropriate shoes for support (please, no boots, flats, backless or heeled shoes). Students will need a little open space to move freely and have a water bottle handy. We will be focusing on body movements (squats, lunges, jumping jacks, balancing on one leg, freeze moves, etc.), by using games, circuit workouts, and stretching. Our main goals are to learn to move our bodies safely, burn some energy and have FUN!!.


Community service and stewardship, firmly rooted in Catholic Social Teachings, are integral parts of an OLG education. The fourth grade seeks to honor and support Veterans and all who serve in our armed forces. We support the veterans in the long-term care unit at the Veteran’s Hospital here in Seattle. More on this to come.


Behavior Expectations and Discipline: Behavior expectations and discipline are grounded in Our Lady of Guadalupe‘s school wide code of conduct, which is outlined in the parent handbook. When we are back in person I will communicate more detail regarding in person expectations.


Remote Expectations: Watch Mrs. Wilson’s Youtube videos. Come to all zooms ready to ask questions and share thinking. When zooming, be out of bed and fully clothed. Fully participate as best you can. All chats, digital comments, emojis and profile pictures are to be used for good, not mischief. Whenever possible, give compliments to your classmates and ask for help when you need it. Use the daily learning checklist to guide you through assignments. Save completed work in your “Turn In” folder. Complete Google Classroom assignments, turn them in via Google Classroom and go back to see teacher comments and scores.




  1. Daily learning checklists with task descriptions and links (urls for when links don’t work) to Zooms, Youtube video lessons, Google classroom assignments and all the need to knows for each day are provided in a downloadable pdf on the fourth grade classroom website. Https://www.guadalupe-school.org/classes/4th-grade-home/ I suggest this website be a favorites on your child’s laptop. Each day’s checklist is posted before 6AM. There is no daily email.
  2. A general weekly schedule is posted on the classroom website so families can plan ahead. Fourth graders typically follow a routine schedule each and every week. https://www.guadalupe-school.org/classes/4th-grade-home/
  3. Weekly classroom newsletter: This newsletter is sent home via email on the first day of each week. It will include curriculum updates and heads up for future tasks and events such as upcoming tests, report card dates, and long-term projects.   It is posted on the Our Lady of Guadalupe School website  When we are back in person it will also be sent in hard copy.
  4. Corrected work, both hard copy and through Google classroom, is one way I communicate student progress. All work turned in on time is corrected by the first day of the next week. This includes class work, homework, tests and quizzes and math checkpoints. While we are remote, I ask that hard copy work be turned in Friday. A weekly quiz and math checkpoints are completed and corrected via Google classroom. Students correct their own weekly Spelling test and report their score via a weekly survey done in Google classroom.   Reading, Writing and Science Journals are turned in once every few weeks. When we are in person, these papers, along with the classroom newsletter, are placed in a take home plastic folder. Please return the plastic folder each week for reuse and contact me if you suspect you are not seeing all corrected work.
  5. Contacting the teacher: To set up a time to meet or conference with me, please either send a note, leave a message (206.935.0651 X110) or send an email (cwilson@guadalupe-school.org). I cannot discuss specific student concerns or problems via email, but can use this tool to set up face-to-face meetings.



Classroom Encouragement: When we are remote, a weekly “shout out” video affirms individual and class progress. When we are in person, an empty jar is kept in the front of the classroom. Marbles are placed in the jar to signal to the class exemplary behavior or accomplishment. When the jar is filled, the class will receive a treat.



Fourth graders receive 40 – 60 minutes of homework each night. When we are back in person, I will go over the homework routine. During remote learning, homework is incorporated into the daily routine. However, the daily learning checklist includes some routines that do not involve instruction:

Each and every day, read for 20 minutes at your just right level. You may use A-Z Reading

Most days practice fluency with the read aloud task. This is an article in the Spelling textbook that goes along with the spelling list for that week. Practice reading with fluency. You will record yourself reading a portion of this text… more on that to come! Fluency means: “Read as if you were a newscaster.” Pronounce words correctly and automatically. Pay attention to punctuation. Group words that go together in phrases. Read with expression

Study Spelling Words, Practice Keyboarding, Study for Weekly Quiz (quiz notes given throughout the week and finalized on Thursday’s daily checklist )

Practice basic math facts and progress at own pace. Use Xtra Math or MathWhizz, 30 minutes per day




The following categories are weighted in Math:                                                                        In other subjects:

55% Weekly Quizzes and Math Checkpoints                                                             34 % Assignments, both class work and homework

10% Assignments, both class work and homework                                                 33 % Projects and Tests

35 % Projects and Tests                                                                                                    33 % Weekly Quizzes and Checkpoints


Spelling: Weekly test, 50%, weekly assignments 50%


Fourth graders receive letter grades. The OLG grading scale can be found in the parent handbook, online at