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 5th Grade News 2017-2018

Here is what’s happening in 5th Grade:

11/6- 11/22

Happy November! Thanks for a wonderful round of conferences. It was terrific to spend time hearing about the strengths, goals and areas of improvement as indicated by each of your children. I look forward to supporting and working with each of them on their goals as the year progresses. 

Over 65 Luncheon: Sunday, November 19th from 1pm- 3pm in the Parish Hall!

We are still in need of people to help with dishwashing and clean up! If you haven’t signed up for a slot, please do so!


Here’s what you need to know:


Who? All 5th graders and at least one parent from each family are expected to serve and work the Over 65 Luncheon for the senior members of our community. 

What? The Over 65 Luncheon is our bi-annual luncheon that strengthens community and relationships between the senior members of our parish and community with the OLG school students and families. This is our 5th grade service project. All students are expected to attend unless otherwise discussed ahead of time. 

When? The Over 65 Luncheon is from 1- 3pm. **Parents are expected to attend for the time slot that they signed up for. Students must be in the parish hall from 11:45- 3:30pm.  Parents may drop off their students if they are not signed up for a shift during the luncheon. Please be early/ on time to pick up your child if you are not staying as we often are done before hand.  

**If you would like your child to attend the 11am Mass, please drop your child off in the hall by 10:45 and Ms. Hobbs will take them.

Where? The School Hall/ Parish Hall

Why? This is our class service project!

Attire: Students need to wear their full dress uniforms and shoes that have good grip– tennis shoes are a good choice. 


Lunch will be provided after the Over 65 Luncheon for all students. Please make sure that your child eats a good breakfast before coming to school on Sunday since they will not be eating until about 3pm.



General Announcements/ Coming Up!

  • SCRIP! Do you go out to eat? Buy coffee? Groceries? Do you like doing fun things? Do you do normal things like get gas for your car, or go to Target? If so, purchase Scrip and support the school while doing all the things you love and are part of your everyday routine! More info on the OLG website and in the office.
  • Tuesday, November 7th: Parent Org presents Math Night– 6:30pm in the School Hall
  • Thursday, November 9th: OLG Spirt Wear Day!
  • Thursday, November 9th at 9:30am: Veterans’ Day Assembly. All are welcome– School Hall.
  • Friday, November 10th: No School: Thank you, Veterans!
  • Saturday, November 11th: CYO Italian Dinner
  • Over 65 Luncheon #1 is on Sunday, November 19th. More information to come.
  • Thanksgiving Break: Noon Dismissal 11/22. No School Thursday or Friday, 11/23 and 11/24
  • Pre-K and 3rd Westside Baby Drive happening now 11/6- 11/17. If you have anything you’d like to drop off, please drop it off with 3rd grade.
  • Friday, December 1st: Light Up the Night!


Here’s what’s happening in 5th grade:

Language Arts: Literature/ Reading: We will be concluding our reading of the novel Hatchet and will be doing our end-of-unit quiz and assessment project (in class) now through November 17th. Students will be assessed on comprehension and understanding of theme, figurative language and character development throughout the text.

Language Arts: Writing: We are continuing to work on our Personal Narrative Informative essay on Character Traits. We are also working on editing writing for grammar and mechanics. 

Language Arts: Spelling and Vocabulary:

  • Week of 11/6: This is currently a Vocab Week. Lesson 5 Review Chapter: Students are expected to complete their bookwork, Lessons 2-5 by Thursday, 11/9. Homework this week: Complete book pages 5- 20 (“Off the Page” and “Enrichment” excluded). Study all words, parts of speech and definitions from Chapters 2-4 (24 words total). Test on Thursday.
  • Week of 11/13: This is a Spelling Week: Lesson 5 Review Chapter: Students are expected to complete their bookwork for Lessons 1-5. Students will be tested on words from Ch. 1-4 and should study their flashcards from previous lessons, and their book. The test will have a word bank since they have already been tested on the spelling of the word. Students will be tested on words in context and on definitions. The test will be 30 points.
  • 11/20- 11/22: No spelling or vocabulary.


History/ Social Studies: We are currently working on our Colonial Boston Storypath unit, looking at life in the colonies prior to the Revolutionary War. Students are working on writing friendly letters home to families back in England and elsewhere, telling of what life is like in Colonial Boston as we struggle for independence.


Science: We will be comparing maps to actual campus blueprints, and will be exploring scale and accuracy in relation to the rest of the environment. This will be a significant building block as we move into actual landforms and their relation to the areas around them, including the ways in which they were formed and developed over time. By the end of the month, we will be moving on to the study of physical natural landforms, their formation, the process of weathering and erosion and the impact of both natural and human impact on the environment.


Math: We are currently working with order of operations (PEMDAS), lesson 2.7. We will have our Ch. 2 test on Monday, 11/13.


Religion: Students are currently working on prepping for the Over 65 Luncheon and are also studying the relationships within Genesis as the relate to service and listening to God’s call.


Band: Band is on Wednesday and Friday. Miss McKamey said the kids sound awesome! Keep up the practicing and hard work!


Spanish: The 5th graders have a Spanish test on Monday, November 27th on class objects, subjects and verbs. They have a packet due on November 17th.  Below is the information from Spanish class on 11/6 outlining the test and ways to study. They also received notes and flashcards to study.



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