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Here’s what’s happening in January 2018

General Announcements/ Coming Up!

  • SCRIP! Do you go out to eat? Buy coffee? Groceries? Do you like doing fun things? Do you do normal things like get gas for your car, or go to Target? If so, purchase Scrip and support the school while doing all the things you love and are part of your everyday routine! More info on the OLG website and in the office.


  • Friday, January 26th: Noon Dismissal. Catholic Schools’ Week Prep.
  • Sunday, January 28th: Catholic Schools’ Week Open House!
  • CATHOLIC SCHOOLS’ WEEK January 28th- February 2nd. Click above for schedule!
  • Wednesday, January 31st: Winter Concert– see email with more details!
  • Thursday, February 1st: Special Persons’ Day! (See info that went home with your students in FCE, and on website!)


Here’s what’s happening in 5th grade:

Tests and quizzes this week (1/22- 1/26)

Wednesday: Reading Quiz: BTT Ch. 4-6. Open Book. Open Note. Closed neighbor. 

Friday: Math Quiz 4.1/4.2: 4 points.

Friday: Spelling Test Lesson 8.

Upcoming tests and quizzes: (Dates are projections based on our current pacing and are subject to change)

  • Reading: Reading quizzes can be expected every week. *Most are open book.
  • Religion: Quiz during Catholic Schools’ Week on the 7 Sacraments. No notes. 
    • Study Guide will be given the previous week. 
  • Language Arts: Figurative Language Quiz, closed book, during CSW.
    • Daily use of figurative language and review are occurring. 
    • Students will be encouraged to bring home their Figurative Language Flip book as a study tool. 
      • This is used daily. If it is left at home, points will be deducted for preparedness. 

Curriculum Update and Outline for the month of January


Language Arts: Literature/ Reading: We will be reading Bridge to Terabithia in January. We will be be focusing on figurative language, symbolism, character development, plot development, and various other literary elements found within the text. While reading, we will be focusing on two different note taking strategies, using margins (or in this case, sticky notes), as well as Cornell note taking. QUIZZES WEEKLY. OCCASIONAL POP QUIZZES. 

Language Arts: Writing: Language Arts Writing is incorporated into our reading unit and in January is directly tied into our science landforms unit, as students spend portions of class time and tech class time learning how to research. specifically focusing on the volcanoes and mountains discussed in our landforms unit and within our region. *Most of the research is done at school. If your child needs additional time to research or format, they may work on it at home. DUE ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 26th.

Language Arts: Spelling and Vocabulary:

  • Week of 1/22: This is a Spelling Week: Lesson 8.
  • Week of 1/29: This is a Vocab Week: Lesson 10.


History/ Social Studies: Since the end of December, we have taken a pause on our Storypath to go back into our history even further and learn how our American history reaches the point of unrest and eventual uprising of the colonies. We begin with the migration across the Bering Strait, and will be studying the impact of explorers in both the Eastern and Western hemispheres.

History Current Events: We are currently working on a Current Events Good News Newscast project in class that coincides with our Language Arts standards on research and presentation. These projects are done in class on iPads and will be able to be viewed during Open House. The most challenging aspect? Find GOOD News that is current (December 24th or newer), is not negative, is not completely opinion based, and isn’t neutral. See rubric for questions about set up and expectations. DUE ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 26th.  So far, these are all really fantastic! You’ll enjoy watching them (and if at all possible, parents, we will share them with you via Google Drive). 


Science: We have formed mountains, we have moved mountains! We are in the process of studying erosion with the mountains that we have created. We have run tests on natural erosion through water. In January, we will be looking at human impact, chemical erosion and weathering, and the processes that have shifted our landscape over the centuries. By the end of the month, we will be studying similarities and differences between mountains and volcanoes, and will connect across the curriculum with our technology class and language arts class, with an in-class research project and small activity at home to connect the learning. SEE LANG. ARTS ABOVE RE: THE LANDFORMS PROJECT.


Math: We are moving into the land of multiplication and division of fractions! CHAPTER 4. Continued practice with addition, subtraction, mixed numbers, etc. of fractions will be very important as we move through chapters 4 and 5.


Religion: In religion, we will be memorizing two prayers in January. They are the Jesus Prayer and The Act of Faith. We will also be focusing on the the Sacraments of Baptism and Reconciliation.


Band: Band is on Wednesday and Friday. Miss McKamey said the kids sound awesome! Keep up the practicing and hard work!


Spanish: Students typically are assigned homework on Mondays. It is due (usually) on Friday. Students are encouraged to visit Rockalingua and login using the login information that they should have written in their notebooks.


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