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Here is what’s happening in 5th Grade:

Religion: We are focusing on the CST: Life and Dignity of the Human Person, making connections to our literature unit and to history.

Math: Algebraic expressions and equations with variables are the focus of the hour. We will be spending time exploring multiplication and division of decimals and measurement before the end of the year.

ELA/ Reading: Pay it Forward Young Readers’ Edition is our current novel. We are concluding the unit by making connections to current events, and real-life people who “pay it forward” on a daily basis. We are also making connections to the CST and our own history units.

ELA/ Writing: Students are currently working on a collaborative poetry unit with the seventh grade class. We will be hosting a few poetry cafes before the end of the year, allowing students to practice reading and writing poetry using the presentation and public speaking model of P-V-L-E-G-S.

Science: Our current unit covers systems in the human body– circulatory system, respiratory system, and digestive system. The last unit in our science curriculum will focus on nutrition as it impacts our body and systems, especially fats, sugars and carbohydrates.

Spelling and Vocabulary: We are working on differentiating between parts of speech, primarily determining nouns and verbs within sentences.

Social Studies: We will be concluding the year by returning to our Storypath Unit from the beginning of the year. We will be looking at the ways the colonies rebelled against the “homeland” and the paths that eventually led to the Revolutionary War.

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