5th Grade News 2017-2018

 Here’s What’s Happening in May!

Guadalupe General Announcements/ Coming Up!

  • Jog-A-Thon: May 4th! 

  • MAP Testing Monday, May 7th- Monday May 21st! 

    • 5th Grade Tests are as follows:

      • Monday, 5/7: 12:30- 2:30: Math

      • Friday, 5/11: 8:30- 10:15: Reading

      • Wednesday, 5/16: 10:00- 11:15: Language Usage

    • Please be on time. Testing will be in our classroom


  • Thursday, May 10th: 5th grade to Daily Mass. Wear Blues. 

  • Wednesday, May 16th: Band Festival! See information from Miss McKamey!

  • Thursday, May 17th: 2nd Grade All School Mass! Wear Blues. 

  • Friday, May 25th: Talent Show at 1:30- 2:30. Location TBD. 

  • Monday, May 28th: No School. Memorial Day.

  • SCRIP! Do you go out to eat? Buy coffee? Groceries? Do you like doing fun things? Do you do normal things like get gas for your car, or go to Target? If so, purchase Scrip and support the school while doing all the things you love and are part of your everyday routine! More info on the OLG website and in the office.

Here’s what’s happening in 5th grade:

Tests, Quizzes and Presentations: May 3- May 11th:

  • Friday, May 4th:

    • Vocab: Lesson 17.
    • History: Ch. 4: Worlds Collide. The influence and colonization by the Spanish on the Americas.
      • Test is closed book, and is in essay format. Students should be using the study guide they’ve had since Monday to study.
  • Monday, May 7th:

    • Math Quiz: Area. 15 points. 5 questions.
  • Wednesday, May 9th:

    • Pay it Forward quiz. Ch. 18-20. 
      • Open Book.
  • Friday, May 11th:

    • Spelling: Lesson 16 Test
    • Math: Decimals: Understanding up to Thousandths place. Comparing and ordering Decimals.
    • Begin presentations on Systems after final work session.

Curriculum Update and Outline for the month of May


Language Arts: Literature/ Reading: PAY IT FORWARD YOUNG READER’S EDITION

We are wrapping up Pay it Forward. Quizzes weekly.

Final Project is PowerPoint/ Google Slides based and will apply skills learned and developed in class and in technology. (Project post- Spring Break). 


Language Arts: Writing: Poetry

In Writing, we are beginning our poetry unit and are focusing on the different applications, formation and presentation of poetry. 5th graders will be learning about different forms of poetry, and will be writing their own poetry. They will also be collaborating with the 7th graders to present, share and deliver poetry, both self- created and discovered through various mediums.


Language Arts: Spelling and Vocabulary:

  • Week of 5/4: This is a Vocab Week: Lesson 17.
  • Week of 5/11: This is a Spelling Week: Lesson 16
  • Week of 5/18: This is a Vocab Week: Lesson 18.



In history we are exploring the impacts of the ancient cultures in South and Central America and their colonization. We are moving North, focusing on the colonization done by Spain and explorers from various countries, and will be looking at the Triangle Trade Routes, the impact of slave trade and slavery, and the eventual colonization of the east coast, of what is now the US/ Canada– forming the “13 Original Colonies” and beyond. We have explored the impact of Spain on the formation of the Americas, and will be making connections between Colonial Research Projects and the New England Colonies. We will be focusing on the impact of slavery and will be leading us back to our StoryPath unit from September and October on the Revolutionary War.




We are concluding our Living Systems unit with group presentations on “the systems”– Circulatory, Digestive and Excretory, and Respiratory systems. Students will be teaching a lesson on each system, demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of our coursework in this unit. Next, we move into our focus on Nutrition, connecting the units in PE and in our in-house field trip from Pure Food Kids to the curriculum and the way in which what we eat impacts our living systems.


Math: Area! and Decimals (Ch. 6 and 8)

 We are concluding our focus on Area with rectangles and triangles and have spent the past few days making our triangles and rectangles come to life, making real-time models in the classroom and outside on the playground. Students have been able to apply their knowledge and have a deeper understanding of area, triangles, and rectangles.

Next up, we are entering Book B and will be focusing on Decimals!

Religion: Faith in Action

We are the hands and feet of Christ. Students will be focusing on the Catholic Social Teaching (CST), in depth, for the month of May. Each week we will be focusing on a different area, and will be applying the CST to real-world, relatable situations.


Band: Band is on Wednesday and Friday. Miss McKamey said the kids sound awesome! Keep up the practicing and hard work! Please be aware of changing dates and other dates in which students will need their instruments, as some upcoming practices are also combined band days with the School Band (6th-8th grade).


Spanish: Students typically are assigned homework on Mondays. It is due (usually) on Friday. Students are encouraged to visit Rockalingua and login using the login information that they should have written in their notebooks.


Helpful Websites

Student Sites: Office 365 and Google

Office 365: http://www.office.com

Google: http://www.google.com

Google Classroom: http://classroom.google.com


Other Sites: 



Games are a great way to practice your math in a fun way! Here are many websites (free and paid subscription) that will give you an opportunity to practice your math using games, strategy, videos and practice worksheets that can be done digitally or can be printed.

Social Studies



Typing Skills