5th Grade News 2017-2018

 Here’s What’s Happening in March! 

Guadalupe General Announcements/ Coming Up!

  • Saturday, March 3rd: Annual School Auction! See the newsletter for more information!

  • Monday’s during Lent: Mini Prayer service in the school hall at the start of the school day! If you’re tardy, come straight to the school hall!
  • Wednesday’s during Lent: Rosary in the Hallways. Start your morning off right!
  • TBD in March: Bringing the field trip into the classroom!  Pure Food Kids comes to teach a nutrition lesson/ cooking class in 5th Grade. Date not confirmed.
  • March 15th: All-School Mass lead by 4th grade.
  • Friday, March 16th: Regional Inservice. No school.
  • Thursday, March 22nd: 5th grade to Mass. Full Dress
  • Holy Week: Morning prayer– 5 minutes of silence. 
  • Holy Week: Colonial America Presentations (see below for more info)
  • Holy Week: More info TBD
  • Looking Ahead: Spring Over 65 in April! SUNDAY APRIL 15th.
  • Looking Ahead: OLG DAY OF SERVICE: Saturday, April 21st. See Parish Bulletin for more information!
  • SCRIP! Do you go out to eat? Buy coffee? Groceries? Do you like doing fun things? Do you do normal things like get gas for your car, or go to Target? If so, purchase Scrip and support the school while doing all the things you love and are part of your everyday routine! More info on the OLG website and in the office.

Here’s what’s happening in 5th grade:

Tests and quizzes for the week of 3/5- 3/9

  • Monday: Parts of the Heart Quiz!  First Quiz in our Living Systems Unit! Quiz on: Parts of the Heart!

  • Tuesday: Colonial America Signed Page DUE! 

    • Misplaced your massive, highly important packet? Login to our Google Classroom! It’s posted there just in case!

  • Wednesday: 4.5 Math Quiz

  • Thursday: Pay it Forward reading quiz Introduction and Prologue. 

  • Friday: 4.6 Math Quiz (tentative)

  • Friday: Vocab Test


Upcoming tests and quizzes: (Dates are projections based on our current pacing and are subject to change)
  • Reading: Reading quizzes can be expected every week. *Some are open book.
  • Science: There are multiple tests and quizzes in this Living Systems unit. Students should be studying their notes, diagrams, etc.
  • Math: Chapter 4 math quizzes each week. Expect a unit math test mid March.
  • Social Studies: Colonial America At-Home Research Project assigned 3/1 and due on 3/26.
    • Presentations begin on 3/26 and go through 3/29. Assigned presentation dates and times can be found in the packet.
    • Signed page in the packet is due no later than Tuesday, 3/6.
  • Religion: Tests and Quizzes throughout this unit on the liturgical seasons, with out current focus on Lent.


Curriculum Update and Outline for the month of March


Language Arts: Literature/ Reading: PAY IT FORWARD YOUNG READER’S EDITION

For the last week of February and the month of March, we will be using our digital media and technology to read Pay it Forward Young Reader’s Edition as a class.  Each student will also have a hard copy of the text as well. Due to the complexity of the novel, its content and the need for in depth discussions and many units, this is completely being read at school. This is a very “all hands on deck” unit, in which we explore not only the literary elements of the novel, but also a unit in which we expand further. We spend a great deal of time discussing and looking at the historical and socio-economic impacts, as well as the diversity of the characters that are diverse in gender, race, age, appearance, education and even diverse in their relationships with society. In this very cross- curricular unit, we also look into the mathematic and Catholic Social Teaching elements as well. 

For those of you who are not aware of what the book is about, Pay it Forward Young Reader’s Edition is a edited version of the original book (later becoming a movie), made appropriate for a younger audience. The basic premise of the text is about how a single act of kindness can impact the whole world. In fact, the book itself, which is historical fiction, inspired actual world change and sparked a movement of kindness, compassion and generosity worldwide. I would encourage you to check out their website, www.payitforwardfoundation.org .

For those of you who are familiar with the book, movie or the concept of Pay it Forward, this edition is specifically geared for 5th– 8th graders and is tailored by the author in a way that stays true to the original story line, eliminating portions that are for older audiences, and inserting personal dialogue to help today’s students understand realities of the 1990’s, and earlier (no cell phones, paper routes, etc.). I have read both versions personally, as well as seen the movie, and to me, the Young Reader’s Edition is actually the best of them all. In the event that your students have interest in watching the movie, I would encourage you to preview it, or watch it with them since it does differ from both this version of the text, and from the original, and can be a little too mature for a fifth grade audience. Note too that the ending of the adult version and movie is a little different that the Young Reader’s Edition.

If you are interested in reading the book yourself, I have some extra copies that you are welcome to borrow. It is well worth the read.

Fun fact– Since beginning this novel as one of our class novels three years ago, middle school students share with me often, that this is one of the most memorable and meaningful books they’ve ever read and something that they can apply directly to their lives, to the service that we do at OLG, and has impacted how they relate to others. 

Students take daily notes as we read, as well as write character descriptions and engage actively in discussion about the concepts in the text, and the idea of  “paying it forward”.   All quizzes are open note, and are based on discussions, information within their notes, and comprehension based questions that have to do with the themes within the novel.  QUIZZES WEEKLY. OCCASIONAL POP QUIZZES.

Final Project is PowerPoint/ Google Slides based and will apply skills learned and developed in class and in technology. (Project post- Spring Break). 


Language Arts: Writing: BIG 6 RESEARCH APPLICATION!

In Library and Tech Class, 5th graders are focusing on the Big 6 Research process. Students have been applying that to multiple facets of their learning, and are also expected to use this knowledge with their upcoming Colonial America Research Project. In class, we are focusing on writing narratives from various perspectives, which will be applied by students in their presentation script for their Colonial America Research Project Presentation.


Language Arts: Spelling and Vocabulary:

  • Week of 3/2: This is a Spelling Week: Lesson 10.
  • Week of 3/9: This is a Vocab Week: Lesson 13
  • Week of 3/15: This is a Spelling Week: Lesson 11.
  • Week of 3/22: This is a Vocab Week: Lesson 14
  • No spelling Test during Holy Week.



In history we are exploring the impacts of the ancient cultures in South and Central America and their colonization. We are moving North, focusing on the colonization done by Spain and explorers from various countries, and will be looking at the Triangle Trade Routes, the impact of slave trade and slavery, and the eventual colonization of the east coast, of what is now the US/ Canada– forming the “13 Original Colonies” and beyond. This unit will be building over the course of the month, and will take us into April, with the Colonial America Research project falling at the mid-point of the unit. Students will be able to take their knowledge from class and apply it directly to their projects!

Colonial America Research Project and Presentation: Projects assigned March 1st. Projects due March 26th. Presentations Monday-Thusrday of Holy Week.

Here are the Top 6 Things You Need to Know:

1st. This project is completely done at home, by the students. Students are assigned a colony at random. They do not get to choose.

2nd. Please read over the packets being sent home VERY CLOSELY with your children. Sign the last page and return JUST that page by 3/6.

3rd. On March 2nd, this packet will be posted on the 5th Grade Google Classrooms page in case students misplace the packet and need the information to reference.

4th: Parents can help and support, but this is a STUDENT project.

5th: Late project, regardless of the reason, will lose 2 points per day it is late. It is due early if you go out of town, and should be dropped off if the student is sick, to ensure points are not lost. This ensures fairness, that regardless of when the student is presenting, they are finished when everyone else is.

6th: Don’t wait until the last minute to start! Students have 3 school weeks, and 4 weekends to do the project. Students in the past say that when they spread out the work, they usually have the last week and weekend to just work on their presentation. Students who have waited say— “AHH!!! OH MY GOSH! THIS IS TOO MUCH WORK FOR A SUNDAY NIGHT!” The tri-fold boards have proven tricky to find last minute. Don’t wait. Staples/ Office Max/ Office Depot and even Target can order them for you if by chance they’re all out. **MUST BE A TRI-FOLD presentation board. So yes– DO NOT WAIT.

**BONUS NEED TO KNOW: This project is the first grade for the 3rd Trimester! The project is a history grade. The presentation is a Language Arts grade.



We are now in our Living Systems Foss Unit. In this unit, we focus on the circulatory system, respiratory system and the digestive system in humans. We explore the ways that they are all connected and are the required systems making all other systems capable of functioning. In this unit, we connect across the curriculum in PE and will also be bringing in a field trip called Pure Food Kids, which will focus on nutrition (our next FOSS unit) and how what we eat impacts our systems! More information regarding this in-class field trip when a date is confirmed with the organization.



 We are moving into the land of multiplication and division of fractions! CHAPTER 4. Continued practice with addition, subtraction, mixed numbers, etc. of fractions will be very important as we move through chapters 4 and 5. Expect quizzes weekly and a test on Ch 4 by mid-March.


We are currently focusing on Lent and the Liturgical Calendar in relation to our faith. We are also focusing on the Catholic Social Teachings, and our call to help others in need.


Band: Band is on Wednesday and Friday. Miss McKamey said the kids sound awesome! Keep up the practicing and hard work!


Spanish: Students typically are assigned homework on Mondays. It is due (usually) on Friday. Students are encouraged to visit Rockalingua and login using the login information that they should have written in their notebooks.


Helpful Websites

Student Sites: Office 365 and Google

Office 365: http://www.office.com

Google: http://www.google.com

Google Classroom: http://classroom.google.com


Other Sites: 



Games are a great way to practice your math in a fun way! Here are many websites (free and paid subscription) that will give you an opportunity to practice your math using games, strategy, videos and practice worksheets that can be done digitally or can be printed.

Social Studies



Typing Skills