Meet Your Homeroom Teacher

Hello, kumasta ka, aloha kakou, konnichi wa, selam, buenas, nihao, hallo, buon giorno!

Here are some stats:

– I’m entering my 18th year of teaching. The first five of those were as 7th grade homeroom, followed by nine years as 8th grade homeroom, all at OLG. I then moved to Maui to teach middle school humanities and work as a boarding parent to international high school students. I returned to OLG in the lovely year of 2020 as the 6th grade homeroom teacher, and have since moved back to the 7th grade. Circle of life, people.

– Besides teaching, I’m an author (debut novel, Among the Silenced Sacred on Amazon), freelance writer, photographer, singer, writing coach, editor, traveler, hooper, runner, rapper, and foodie. You can learn more of my ventures at

– Creds: Graduate of St. Benedict School in Wallingford, O’Dea High School (Go Irish!), and Seattle University (BA Humanities, BA Journalism, MA Teaching).

– Faves and Fun

  • Color: Green, but I like any color, as long as it’s for the right circumstance.
  • Food: ALL! Except I avoid foods high in purines and oysters.
  • Restaurants: Taco Time, Ivars, Westy, Harbor City, New Star, Bambu, Husky Deli, Matador, Westy, Spud’s, Buddha Ruksa, Ox Pho & Grill, Edmonds Bakery, Pho Tai (White Center), Red Robin, The Bridge, and so, so many more… =)
  • Hikes: Melakwa Lake, Spray Park, Keonehe`ehe`e (Sliding Sands), Ptarmigan Ridge, Chain Lakes, Aasgard Pass (unfinished).
  • Vacations: Always Hawai`i – any island. New Zealand, Japan, Nicaragua, Belgium, Germany.
  • Shoes: I’m a Nike guy, but whatever is most comfortable and light.
  • Big Picture: Someday, after establishing a career as a novelist, I’ll teach part time and write books the rest of the time, preferably in West Maui.
  • Fun Fact #1: I love indoor plants. I sing to them. They grow.
  • Fun Fact #2: I get seasick. I went on a sailing cruise in Maui with the School Board of Trustees and ended up in the back of the boat, erupting and feeling sick all over.
  • Fun Fact #3: Day hiking only. Not much of a camper.
  • Fun Fact #4: I’m trying to learn Hawaiian. It’s a beautiful language with words that express some of the most ineffable concepts.
  • Fun Fact #5: I make a mean adobo, gravy style! Can do gluten free as well =).