8th Grade Homeroom Info

Welcome to Your Final Year at OLG! 

Well, you’ve done it! You’ve officially made it to your 8th grade year! For some, your journey at OLG has been a long one, perhaps going all the way back to Ms. Janet’s Preschool class. For others, your time at OLG has just begun. No matter, at OLG, we are all in this together as one family, one community and one class.

As 8th graders, you are called to service and leadership in new and exciting ways, and are asked to rise to the occasion more so than ever before in your academic career. As 8th graders, you are asked to wear many hats, and set the example and the standard for the middle school, and for all younger students. You are the models to which everyone else looks up to. And while this may sound like a lot for a 13-14 year old, I am confident that YOU are up to the challenge!

Service Project

In addition to your JDP (See Religion Curriculum for more detail), eighth graders at OLG work with Mt. St. Vincent and Silver Kite for our monthly class service project. The focus is intergenerational learning; forming lasting bonds with our senior community members. While the format this year will vary from previous years, this collaboration and project begins in October and goes through May.

Eighth Grade Retreat

Our 8th Grade retreat happens in the fall, and provides an opportunity for us to come together as a class community to grow in faith, knowledge, teamwork and understanding of one another. This gives us an opportunity to build trust, strengthen relationships and set the standard for what the year ahead will hold.

Eighth Grade Musical

The 8th Grade Musical is a time honored tradition at OLG, and its format and timeline for the 2021-2022 school year is TBD based on COVID-19 restrictions. The musical is part of your Language Arts curriculum (Mr. Santos) and is a wonderful way to grow as a learner, & to push yourself out of your comfort zone. As 8th graders, you get to learn new skills from highly qualified and talented volunteers, like one of our own 8th grade parents, Nikki Womac, in addition to the excellent guidance and direction provided by Mr. Santos and Ms. Savio.

High School Applications 

High school applications are something that happen for eighth graders in the fall of every year. It is not a requirement to apply to Catholic or private high schools, however is a decision that is made as a family. Due dates and more information will be shared and posted on the HS Info tab and to families directly, as they are provided.

*Due to COVID-19 every high school has different protocols regarding SHADOW DAYS. Check out the individual high school pages or call them, regarding their protocol. 


As individuals preparing to be high schoolers, guided independence and accountability is key to the success of a middle schooler and OLG graduate. That said, it is an eighth grade expectation for THE STUDENT to communicate with their teachers when they have questions, have planned absences, etc. We encourage them to do this in person, and through their OLG student emails. PARENTS, we strongly encourage you to encourage your students to communicate with us directly. Of course, you will personally receive updates from the middle school team, and may be cc’d on your student’s emails. The use and expectation of student communication via email helps to build communication life skills, and also helps to encourage and promote positive and responsible technology usage.

Communication through ALMA

ALMA is our gradebook and information system. The Middle School Team updates gradebooks regularly and will communicate academic progress most consistently there. It is the student and family responsibility to check grades and student progress frequently. Assessment scores will be recorded here and may not always be communicated to parents elsewhere if a student chooses to not share with their parents. Parents, this is simply the best way to stay on top of your child’s work and assignments. Students and parents share a login. 

COMING SOON. 2021- 2022 SYLLABUS Would you like the PDF of the 2020- 2021 8th Grade Syllabus (Homeroom, SS/LIT and REL)? You can find it HERE.