8th Grade Religion

Meet Ms. Hobbs!

Description: Students learn parts of the Catholic Church’s history from the Acts of the Apostles up through modern times. We study the development of the church through Ecumenical Councils and historical events. Eighth graders also learn about morality from a social justice standpoint. We learn about and practice servant leadership in our school and community, and reflect on these experiences throughout the year.


  • Morality / Church History Textbook
  • Juan Diego Project (JDP) this project also covers many of the religion standards and school-wide learning expectations (SLEs)
  • Class service project – providing recreational therapy to and developing relationships with residents of Providence Mount St. Vincent through the Silver Kite program, an intergenerational learning program.
  • Faith Family Program – school-wide monthly activities led by 8th graders
  • Liturgy Planning

Juan Diego Project (JDP)

  • Student Created and Parent Supported.
  • This is the long-standing OLG Traditional 8th grade independent student service project centered around social justice, advocacy and community relationships. It is a yearlong commitment to an organization in which stewardship and service is provided by the student for a total of 20 service hours, completed by the student.
  • Over the course of the year, students will be presenting to various groups in multiple ways, aligning their project to the Catholic Social Teaching (CST), our SLEs and our call to social justice.
  • Three main components:
    • Service: 20 hours with an organization. See form below.¬†Done independently outside of school.
    • Research: Focus on your Area of Concern (CST or social justice issue) Primarily done at school– Independently¬†
    • Advocacy: Sharing what you have learned with the greater community.¬†Mainly done at school. Shared during Open House and in other ways throughout the year.
  • The student must complete all service hours no later than April 15th, 2022.
    • The link to the service log can be found here! Just make a copy and feel free to edit!

Mount St. Vincent/ Silver Kite Program

This is our class service project. Together with The Mount and Silver Kite, Program, 8th graders participate in intergenerational learning, enhancing their understanding of the CST: Life and Dignity of the Human Person, helping students to form meaningful irreplaceable relationships with others.

OLG Faith Family Groups

8th graders lead Faith Family Groups, and will be responsible for creating themed activities and leading multi-grade level groups in prayer, liturgy and stewardship over the course of the year.

ALMA Gradebook Categories & Weights

Homework 5%
Classwork 15%
Quizzes 15%
Projects 15%
Presentations 25%
Tests 25%