Kindergarten Home

Three weeks left of the 2017-2018 school year!  Where did the time go?  We will make our final push to complete our school year with a flurry of activities.  Sight words, math tests, wrapping up our “Tree” science unit, reading group assessments, Dibels and Teachers College testing, Oh My!   Results are showing a lot of growth for this school year!


Are you wondering what to do this summer with your child?  Continue to practice the first 100 Fry words (or Dolch)!  Make flash cards by googling Fry words and make flash cards at home.  You can also find them online at Amazon or at teacher stores.

Reading to your child every day is an excellent way to prevent backslide, too.  Visit your local library and check out books that your child finds interesting.  Reading stories that are above your child’s reading level is an excellent way to develop vocabulary and introduce different genres.