Week of May 20th, 2019

Week of May 20th, 2019


Star of the Week – Katie!

  1. Katie – 5/20/19
  2. Wilder – 6/3/19

Letter Writing

Students are working very hard to improve their penmanship. Every day all students will be given a writing practice sheet (beginning on letter “A”). The goal is to write each letter correctly and neatly. If this is accomplished they graduate to the next letter. The emphasis on perfect formation, or near perfect, encourages students to focus on neatness and hopefully discourage messy writing.




  1. Continue to practice the Fry sight words that we have covered (all 100 of them).



Last after school tutoring this Wednesday 5/22/19


Spring Concert 5/22/19 – The theme for the OLG Spring Concert is SchoolHouse Rock!  The concert is in the church at 7pm; doors open at 6:30pm.  Our concerts typically last 60 minutes but the youngest students are dismissed to their parents early on.


The Kindergarten students are having fun learning our song:  “Old Time Rock & Roll”.  It’s not a SchoolHouse Rock song, but it was a hot song in the 70’s!



Everyone loves dressing up for these concerts, so please join in!  You don’t have to spend a dime but please help make the evening feel like it’s a special event:



*  School Uniform or Nice Clothes


*  Please consider wearing WHITE, PINK, and/or BLACK (throwback to the 50’s).

*  Wear as much WHITE, PINK, and/or BLACK as you can muster!


* Dress like a 1950’s teenager

*  Boys:  jeans, white t-shirt, leather jacket, slicked-back hair, Wayfarer sunglasses, Converse

*  Girls:  circle/poodle skirt, sweater set, high ponytail, neck scarf, saddle shoes

*  Hats are discouraged — they often hide your child’s face and the faces of others.

*  No Tom Cruise outfits á la Risky Business, please!


Talent Show 5/24 at 1:15 – Join us if you can. Sadly, there will be no kindergarten representation.


Snacks – Please remember to send in a snack. Also talk to your child about whether they are eating their snacks and lunches. Mrs. Everett and I are always encouraging students to eat what is being sent to school, but we aren’t always successful.

Letter Writing




We have completed all (4) four-math books!!! Whew!! We will continue to reinforce concepts that we’ve covered using extra practice and enrichment pages.


Reading – Oral language patterns practiced using stretch and shrink, smooth and bumpy blending, and sounding out smoothly reading strategies. Students also work on isolating beginning, middle, and ending sounds and segmenting words. Each unit has tricky words that are reviewed during each reading group.



Parent Helpers
Room Mom Emma Haywood
Book Orders Sally Crone
Clean Grounds Wyndi and Mike
Field Trip Organizer Mrs. Kramer
Scrip Ambassador Mary Sambuchin
Auction Project Patrick Lamb
Parent Org. Deirdre O’Day

Loretta I. Kramer

Our Lady of Guadalupe School



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