Week of January 14th


This Week’s Happenings

Week of January 14th


Play-do Schedule

January – Sylvia
February – Jill and Jason Arbow
March – Cristina Torres
April –
May –
June –


Homework is being sent home this week. Look for it in your child’s home folder.

Math – Kindergarten B book

Chapter 7 – Solid and Flat Shapes. Your child has already had experiences with solid shapes when they grasp toys and other shape objects, which they can hold easily. We will continue to explore solid and flat shapes focusing on the common core idea of two and three-dimensional shapes. Students will create patterns using shapes and better understand more complex patterns such as number patterns.

Reading – Oral language patterns practiced using stretch and shrink, smooth and bumpy blending, and sounding out smoothly reading strategies. Students also work on isolating beginning, middle, and ending sounds and segmenting words. Each unit has tricky words that are reviewed during each reading group.

Sight Words – him, into, time, has, look

Dates to Remember

Parent Org. Game Night on 1/19/19

No School on 1/21/19 – Martin Luther King Jr.

Noon Dismissal – 1/25/19