Library-Tech News

November 2017


There is so much happening in the library these days it sure keeps life exciting. I would like to thank everyone who participated in the book fair during conference week. I was able to place an order for many new titles. The new books should be arriving soon available for student check out in January. Students in Kindergarten through third grade are learning valuable literacy skills along with enjoying stories nominated for the Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Award. They will be voting for their favorite book in April. Fourth graders are learning about different genres of books and the key elements that help them to differentiate the types of books. Fifth graders are learning the Dewey Decimal System and middle school students are learning how to conduct research, utilize varied search strategies and the value of utilizing more than one search engine or database.



Kindergarten students are learning the basic fundamentals of computer care and use. They are learning to log in, open applications and complete tasks with some assistance. First graders have come a long way since the beginning of the year. Most are now able to log in, open an application, create a new file and save it without help! They will be completing their first book publication before winter break! Second graders are developing their own publication skills and recently published a class book with new endings to the story When a Monster is Born. They are also beginning to develop research skills. Last week seventh graders help them access the Seattle Public Library’s Britannica Research Database to learn more about countries in South America. Third graders are working hard to develop keyboarding skills and build stamina with their typing. It is hard work but the pay-off will make the effort worthwhile. Fourth graders have been doing some publishing their own, including line graphs for science, cards for Veterans Day and Thanksgiving, and poems. Fifth graders utilized skills learned in prior years to publish their first essay of the year, in addition they are developing the skills to effectively communicate via email and shared documents. Sixth graders continue to develop research strategies, share documents, publish writing and create digital media. Seventh graders are beginning their work with Scratch and will spend the next couple of months improving their coding skills and creating a project to share with others. Eighth graders utilize technology as often as possible for writing papers, completing research, creating presentation and communicating effectively with teachers and project work partners. I am so proud of all that are students are able to accomplish!


Coming soon! Computer Science Education Week is December 4-10 which means students in grades K-8 will all get participate in the Hour of Code promotional event to help introduce students to computer science.


Beth Sommerville

Library / Technology Specialist