Remote Learning FAQ

I will be updating this page with links to tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions. Come back to visit any time.

Q: I don’t know enough about Google Classrooms to help my student. Where can I get a basic understanding of the application?
A: Introduction to Google Classroom for Parents  Google Slides presentation 

Q: How do students login to access the assignments their teacher posted in Google Classroom?
A: Students would login to Google and access Google Classroom from the app (waffle) menu. Then they would open their class and click the classwork section. Here is a quick video tutorial

Q: How can I unsubmit an assignment, make changes and resubmit to my teacher?
A: You will need to go to Google Classroom, to the classwork section, select the assignment and choose, view assignment in the new window on the right side, you will have the option to unsubmit the assignment. After making changes you can then turn it back in. video

Q: How do I see comments and grades on returned assignments?
A: Log in to Google Classrooms, Classwork and click View Your Work at the top of the page. Choose the assignment and open the document to see the suggestions and comments. video

Q: How do I upload a file directly to my Google Classroom Assignment?

A: Click the view assignment link at the bottom of the description. A new screen will open, on the right side of the screen you will see a create or attach button select attach and navigate to the file. Here is a video tutorial.

Q: How do I upload a file to Google Drive and then attach it to a Google Classroom Assignment?
A: Students can open Google Drive and drag a copy of the file to their Google Drive or they can select the upload file option from the new menu. video

Q: What do I do if my teacher posts a PDF file into a Google Classroom assignment?
A: If you have a school provided device, use the Kami PDF tool. If you have your own device go to the Google Store and add the Kami Chrome extension. Here is a quick video on how to use Kami with a PDF file.

Q: How do I respond to a Question posted as an assignment in Google Classroom?
A: Click on the assignment heading, at the bottom of the text box click view question. A new window will open. On the right side of the new window type your answer and submit. Here is a video modeling how to submit the answer.

Q: How Can I tell if all of my Google Classroom assignments have been completed?
A: Go to the View your Work link at the top of the Classwork section of Google Classrooms. video

Q: How can I stop getting emails from Google Classroom?
A: Log in to your Google Classroom Account. Click on the three lines and select the settings gear icon. Then make choices to meet your notification needs. Ms Hobbs video. Mrs. Sommerville’s video

Q: How do help my student use Zoom Meeting to work with their teacher?
A: Columbia University created a video that will walk you through the steps to get set up

Q: When are the office hours for my student to get in contact with their teacher?
A: Each teacher is setting up their own office hours to communicate online with students. We are not currently posting that information online so the best option would be to email your child’s teacher directly.

Q: How do I upload a document or photo to Google Classroom?
A: Submitting an assignment in Google Classroom video  

Q: How do I get into the FOSS Science Portal?
A: Accessing FOSS Science web portal click here to go to the website. Enter the username and password provided to you by your teacher. video tutorial

Q: Can students without email accounts access and complete a Google Form?
A: Yes. Although not all students have active email accounts, they do have Google accounts that will allow them access to complete a Google Form. video tutorial



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