Meet Ms. Allie Savio

Don’t be afraid to be wrong, be brave enough to try.  I encourage my students to engage and participate, ask questions, take risks, and be bold.  It is my belief that learning happens best when mistakes are made.  In my 11 years of teaching young students, I have found that most of my work as a math teacher isn’t even math.  It’s helping students believe that they can also do math.  Making Math an approachable subject, building confidence, strengthening perseverance, and preparing all students for higher education is the ultimate goal.

Savio Stats:

-I’ve had the privilege of teaching at OLG for 12 years: 5 years as the 3rd grade teacher and 7 as the Middle School Math Specialist.  #GuadSquad

-Educational Leadership Experience: OLG Accreditation Leadership Committee, Holy Names Academy Alumnae Executive Board Treasurer, Archdiocesan Mathematics Curriculum Committee, Archdiocesan Strategic Planning for Teacher Leadership Committee.

-Credentials: Graduate of St. Monica School on Mercer Island, Holy Names Academy, and Central Washington University (BA Elementary Education, minor Mathematics)

-When I’m not teaching, you can likely find me with my golden retriever, Wilson, cheering on the Seahawks, hiking the beautiful PNW trails, vacationing in Hawai’i, babysitting my 13 nieces and nephews, traveling our world, eating big meals with my ohana, or relaxing in Ronald, WA at the family cabin.

Ms. Savio’s Favorites:

My all-time favorite thing in this world is my 5-year-old dog, Wilson.  Fun Fact: Wilson is named after the volleyball from the movie Cast Away.  Not that attached to the movie, just the best friend volleyball!  #lifeisgolden

My favorite time of year is football season!  You’ll always see me wearing my jersey on Blue Fridays and cheering loudly on game days.  Be sure to visit my Seahawks classroom.  #gohawks

I am Native Hawaiian-Italian, and culture plays a big part in my life.  Hawai’i will always be a top destination location.  Fun Fact: My ideal day starts with breakfast at Hawaiian Style Cafe in Waimea, beach day at Mauna Kea, Kua Bay or Hapuna, loco moco plate lunch with lilikoi Hawaiian Sun, sunset at the top of Haleakalā (yes, if I could island hop) and ending with fresh TEX drive-In malasadas.  #savioohana #food #ocean

I love to travel.  My favorite international adventures include Japan, Nicaragua, Belize, South Africa, Lesotho, and Amsterdam.

* I love music.  I grew up singing and performing in various choirs, but nowadays enjoy singing most with my family.  I also co-direct the 8th grade musical with Mr. Santos.  Fun Fact: My current musical obsession is Wicked.  I recently had the opportunity to watch Wicked in the front row on Broadway!