4th Grade

     Remote Learning Resources for Math

Math is everywhere especially at home!  Baking, measuring, counting, estimating, budgeting, and problem solving!  Each day you can learn math by doing fun things at home in real life

While working on your math work assigned by your teacher, remember that you have access to your Math Whizz and XtraMath.  These are two excellent ways student can continue to grow in math.  Lessons will be delivered at your level!  We are expecting students to use both of these programs on Fridays during asynchronous learning, but they are encouraged to spend more time during the week.

I will be posting extra enrichment:  Tangy Tuesdays and Wordy Wednesdays which are a Tuesday and Wednesday routine students are already used to doing in the classroom!

You can also join me for a Zoom meeting Monday-Thursday from 11:00 to 11:30 to receive extra math support.

Please contact me any time at blawler@guadalupe-school.org for math support!

Online Games

Explore Learning – Interactive math and science simulations for grades 3-12. 

Fun Brain – Math Zone – K-5

Greg Tang Math – Games, Resources, Number Sense – K-5

Improve Your Math Skills at Home

Math Whizz – Individualized Instruction – K-5

Math Whizz – Parent Resources and guides

Sheppard Software – Math Games – PK-5

Sumdog – K-5 – Math Games

XtraMath – Online Math Facts Daily Practice – K-5

Virtual Manipulatives – counters, place value blocks, fractions, and more!

Dice Activities for Division

Fraction Games with Dice
Dice Activities for Multiplication