Math Specialist 6-8

Welcome to OLG’s Middle School Math Program

Summer Learning

Click on the grade level math class tabs for details regarding summer math work obligations.


The mathematics program in Grades 6-8 uses a variety of print and online resources aligned to the Common Core Standards.  This includes the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice.


Grades 6 and 7 math courses are taught in a whole group setting and focus on the foundational pre-algebra skills necessary for 8th grade.

The two 8th-grade math courses are:

  • Algebra: This course is based on the 8th-grade and Algebra 1 common core concepts.
  • Accelerated Algebra: This course is based on the 8th-grade and Algebra 1 common core concepts and covers all topics at a faster pace with more demands for independent work, proficient basic math skills, and strong organizational skills.

*More details regarding each grade level can by found in the Syllabus link on each class page.

Class Links

6th Grade Math

7th Grade Math

8th Grade Algebra

8th Grade Accelerated Algebra

Distance Learning

  • Synchronous learning schedule can be found here.
    • All math courses will be “live” via zoom on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  Wednesdays will be dedicated for limited-screen asynchronous independent work.
  • Google Classroom – We will use Google Classroom extensively during the school year.  Invitations to join my math class have been sent to your OLG gmail.  Login to your google account and accept.
  • Khan Academy – Middle school students will use Khan Academy throughout the year to support and strengthen their math skills.
  • All course consumables (ie. worksheets, note templates, non-digital assessments) will be provided by Ms. Savio and can be picked up at the school at the beginning of each unit.
    • Students will also need the following math supplies every day: composition notebook, glue stick/tape, pencil, eraser, scientific calculator, ruler, lined paper-college rule, graph paper.

Professional Development

In response to Distance Learning due to COVID-19, Ms. Savio has recently completed the following professional development courses:

  • Greg Tang Math Workshop Grades 6-8 Virtual
  • 2020 Private School Conference: Think Better…Live Better…Teach Better…series, Top 20 Training
  • Using Zoom Video Conferencing Tools for Student Engagement, SimpleK12
  • 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Google Classroom, SimpleK12
  • G Suite for Education (Educator Level 1: Fundamentals Training & Educator Level 2: Advanced Training)

High School Readiness

High school readiness is a top priority.  Our graduates are often accepted into top performing high schools and placed in advanced level math courses.

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