Math Grade 6

Important Announcements

> Use the Math Test Correction Protocol to correct your test mistakes.

Course Overview

Grade 6 Syllabus

Math Notebook

Grade 6 Notebook


Follow the steps in order.  Complete each step before moving to the next.  Click on the blue links to direct you to specific content.

  1. Evan (Rachel, if Evan is absent): Collect last night’s homework.  Complete the class check list and turn it in to the homework basket.
  2. Warm Up: Listen to the absolute value video. Enjoy!
  3. Watch the following video tutorial and complete the worksheet while you watch.  Coordinate Plane and Plotting Points worksheet can be found on my desk.  When you are done, turn the worksheet into the 6th grade basket.
  4. Login to Khan Academy and complete each assignment with a score of 70% or higher.  There are 6 assignments total -> Due date: Sunday, May 19.
  5. Homework: Adding Integers worksheet can be found on my desk.  Use any method you want.
  6. If you have completed everything, then play MATH GAMES FROM MY WEBSITE!