Math Grade 7

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> Use the Math Test Correction Protocol to correct your test mistakes.

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Grade 7 Syllabus

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Grade 7 Notebook


Follow the steps in order.  Complete each step before moving to the next.  Click on the blue links to direct you to specific content.

  1. Selome (Owen O, if Selome is absent): Please collect last night’s classwork and homework.
  2. Warm Up: Listen to the math song.  Enjoy!
  3. Classwork Directions:
    • Watch Miss Keane’s Sports Analysis video tutorial.
    • Wait until everyone has completed the video, then move onto the steps below.
    • Get into 2 groups by counting off 1-2-1-2-1-2…
    • Group 1 and Group 2 will both perform the same task, but in different areas of the classroom.
      • Group 1 will work in the front of the classroom while Group 2 works in the back.
      • Each group needs one garbage/recycle can and one paper basketball (1 piece of paper crushed into ball shape)
      • Each team should form a line behind the “hoop” (trash can).  Decide as a group how far to stand and mark the distance.  The distance should be doable but not too easy.
      • Each person needs to create a t-chart on a piece of paper (line or graph).  The left side of the chart has a list of all the names in your group.  The right side of the chart has a running tally of shots made in the basket.
      • One by one, each person should shoot the “basketball”, retrieve it, hand it to the next in line, and walk to the end of the line.  After each shot, everyone needs to add a tally mark next to the name if the basket is made.  No tally mark needed for missed shots.
      • Repeat steps until everyone has shot the basketball 15 times.  (i.e.,15 tally marks should be next to a name of a person who shot a perfect score.)
      • You now have a data set to work with. {i.e., 5, 6, 1, 9, 15, 15, 8, 11, 14, 15}
      • After your team has finished shooting baskets.  Return to your own seat to complete this activity.
    • On your paper, write your name and date at the top.
    • In an organized way, use your data set to find:
      • mean
      • median
      • mode
      • range
    • Create a box plot of your data (make it neat and easy to read)
    • Create a stem-and-leaf plot of your data (make it neat and easy to read) -remember a title and key!
  4. Homework: Complete the classwork & Stem-and-Leaf Plots worksheet.  Kindly ask Ms. Hobbs for this assignment.