June 1st – 11th

JUNE 8th – 11th


Last week! Here are some ideas to keep you fit and active until we are able to be with others. Check them out. you can also keep fit by walks or hikes with your family, riding your bike, jump roping, skating, any ball activities; basketball, volleyball or soccer, tag games or hula hooping.



Great for Kids Workouts is Glenn Higgins Fitness


Yoga for younger kids: Cosmic Kids Yoga


Dances: GoNoodle Follow Along Dances 

Born To Move: This site has a variety of Follow Along Dance and Activity Videos for kids

Jump Rope: If your learning to jumprope for the first time – Check out this video for some helpful tips

Throwing and Catching:  If you have space in your yard and it’s safe to go outside, try to practice throwing and catching with a family member with a ball or a frisbee


GRADES 4 – 8

Sworkit: Free Custom Workouts for Kids

Sign up for Sworkit and use them for follow along workouts for kids

They have a free kids workouts for anyone to use after signing up and they are even customizable and have student examples for all of the follow along workouts, just click on the “Kids Workouts” section after logging in

This is awesome because since it’s customizable you can delete activities that are too hard and replace them with easier versions – or if it’s too easy, you can replace them with more challenging activities and exercises.


Good for older kids or Adults Fitnessblenders Youtube Channel


Yoga for older kids and adults: FitnessBlender Yoga Videos


Dance: Pick your favorite Just Dance Video on Youtube and bust a move – Or Download the Just Dance App and have a virtual dance competition with your family.



Inspirational Character and Confidence Building Video Series: 

Check out the website below for a great set of inspirational videos for students to watch and have some conversations about perseverance through hard times, believing in yourself and making an impact in the world.  I think this series offers a great perspective for students.



AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST! A dance for all of us to do!

The Sid Shuffle from the movie Ice Age

Get your whole family to do it.


Have a good summer, keep active, stay positive and healthy!


JUNE 1st – 5th


This week is a mix of choices and you should try 2 to 3 at least! Get your family involved by doing them together.

And have fun.

Your other choices are to be outside, moving, playing and having fun!

Great for younger kids: Cosmic Kids Yoga

This first one is Fitness Card Challenges. You can use a printer to print the cards or you can make your own. You can also use cards from a card deck and write the exercises on a Post-It.




This next one is a Towel Challenge. All you need is a towel, there are some exercises with a partner also.



Got to have a Dance video!



Here’s a circuit workout. The whole family can do this!



This last one is done with paper plates but small towels or washcloths or socks will do! Make sure when you are doing the plank exercises with hands on plates you try them out on your knees first. Floors can be slippery and I don’t want you to fall and hurt yourself!



Remember, running, walking, jump roping are also great workouts. So are playing tag, shooting hoops, playing bump, skating, hula hooping and cleaning house. Don’t forget planks or pushups, situps or crunches or stretching! Have fun.