P.E. LESSONS March 16- MARCH 27th

Dear Students and Parents,

As we move to remote learning, you will still need to get up and move! Even though I won’t see your faces in P.E. class, you can take a break during your learning day to do some exercises.

Each week there will be videos to explore. There will be a variety of fitness exercises to try. You are also encouraged to walk or run each day, enjoy the fresh air. You can also dance, ride your bike, rollerblade, hula hoop, jump rope or just play outside.

You may also do a quick warm-up (jog in place, pretend jump-rope) and do my favorites! Three sets of push-ups, ab exercises 40 to 80 reps, squats and/or lunges and stretch. Speaking of stretching, don’t forget to stretch, major muscle groups, sit and reach, butterfly, quad and chest stretches.

So, get outside, drink lots of water and wash your hands!

There are many great exercise videos and games out there. Please use as many as you can. The Learning Station on YouTube, GoNoodle, Grouphiit, Kidzbop and Brainbreaks.


March 23rd – 27th

This week it’s DANCE workouts. You can put on music and dance,  do some xbox DDR games, learn a dance routine or just move to your favorite songs. Just move to the beat!



GRADES 3 – 5





GRADES 6 – 8


MARCH 16th – 20th:




GRADES 3 – 5


GRADES 6 – 8