P.E. Lessons March 30th – April 10th


Hope everyone is keeping spirits up and not getting bored.

So this week I am introducing Tai Chi, energy practice. The movements are fluid, smooth and at an even pace. Breathing is also an important part of the exercise. I hope you try it.

The first video shows each of the movements for practice with a full flowing routine at the end. It isn’t a long video. The second video has no instruction but 10 movements for you to practice on your own.

The first video will be great for all grades to do, the second for those who would like more movements to practice.



The last video is for everyone, teachers too. And parents. We will be doing this class when we come back! It is so fun and a great workout. Many of you probably can do these moves but keep practicing.


Stay safe, wash your hands, drink your water and work your body!


MARCH 30th – APRIL 3rd

Hello everyone! I hope you are keeping your spirits and energy up! This next week you will work on your ability to focus inward.

Breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, stretching, listening to calming music or nature sounds are ways to reconnect with yourself.This time we have away from each other is disrupting our routines and may cause us unpleasant feelings or distress. Taking the time to slow down, breathe, be aware of what we are grateful for, helps take these feelings away. I have been doing some of these videos and they help me feel better. I hope they help you also. I miss you!

Here are some other things to try:

  • Do a 7-7-7 breathing exercise at bedtime. Breathe in for a count of 7, hold for a count of 7 and do this 7 times. Nighty, night.
  • Put on some relaxation music or a YouTube video and listen and/or watch. Here’s a few to try or search for more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7btb559RPKQ



  • Spend 10 minutes stretching. What muscle group is the tightest? Remember to hold a stretch (only when you begin to feel the stretch, don’t force it) for 20 seconds, like how long you need to wash your hands. Breathe as you hold and when the stretch eases up, gently go further in to the stretch.
  • Take a walk outside and look at what is beginning to bloom, listen for birds, breathe in fresh air, enjoy being outdoors. Smile.
  • Make a call or video chat to someone you love and who loves you. Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle will have their spirits lifted just hearing from you and you will also feel better.

I hope this gives you some different things to try. Thanks for trying these, have others in your household try them with you. Or if you need your space, these are great to do on your own. Be well! And drink your water, hydrate!







GRADES 3 – 5





GRADES 6 – 8