P.E. News

We are on the count down to the end of the school year! There are many school events in the upcoming weeks that keep us busy and excited. Goals are to keep the children moving, using that extra energy by playing games that are fun, that they enjoy and has everyone looking forward to the next P.E. class. Students should end the school year on an upbeat, positive note.

Preschool and Pre-K

These little workers love to run. That is the beginning of every class. We also have one to two group activities, exercises or a song with movement and one activity working on a skill. We end the class with a review on the activity, how they personally did on listening and following direction or the activity.

Preschoolers are eager for any challenge presented to them. They enjoy using the hula hoops to spin, roll and hula around their body. Both classes work on individual throwing and catching using tennis balls, ghosts, small rubber balls and beanie babies. Most work on a two hand throw/catch and some have dominant hand throw/catch.

Both classes also work on under and overhand throws, trying to throw as far as they can.

Next on the agenda will be learning forward rolls, log rolls and bear holds (hands and feet on ground with legs and arms straight, looking through arms and legs). This is a great exercise for strengthening arms, shoulders, legs while having a look at the world upside down. All of these activities help in body awareness, eye tracking and bilateral coordination, both sides of the body working together. These activities help build confidence and work body and brain. They will just think it is great fun.

Pre-K has been introduced to what happens at the Jog-a-thon, they will be participating this Friday. They are great runners.

Grades K-3

Jog-a-thon practice has been the activity lately with pacing emphasized. We have been doing an interval practice, jog/walk for 5 to 7 minutes, rest/walk for 2 to 3 minutes and then repeat with shorter jog times and rest times and water break in between.

Stretches are done at the end with thought as to what muscles we used.

Field Day games will be the next group of activities we will do. Students will become familiar with the activity and be comfortable in participating.

The games will be interspersed with some of their favorite games. Next unit will be jump roping.

Grades 4 – 8

The class time goes by quickly and they need to move after sitting in the classroom.

Games played are ones that require teamwork, some skill and strategy. Teams are planned ahead by me, and sometimes positions. The goal is full class participation, good sportsmanship and fun had by all. Works the majority of the time, we do have our days but there is always the next P.E., new day, new start.

Some games produce more competitiveness than others so we take a break from it for a while. New games are introduced but they do have their old favorites.

Field Day games are played with the suggestion of how to vary the game or make it better and then we try it out. Or a suggestion of a new game that is similar is played. Since they are seasoned “Field Dayers”, they help make the same old games new again.

7th graders are responsible for their station game; they choose the game and lead it for all the family groups. They practice their game leadership on their classmates in P.E. while classmates offer support and cooperation.

8th grade will be practicing their volleyball skills for the upcoming Teachers vs. 8th Grade Volleyball game May 31st.

Hoping for some good weather to be able to use outdoors for Frisbee, kickball and golf.  I hope your Spring Break gave you a chance to rest, enjoy family and refresh!

Ms. Powell, Physical Education