P.E. News

February is Heart month. Classes are jumping rope and learning about heart health, warning signs and how to keep their heart healthy.  All classes started with individual jumping; how to pick the right size rope, how to turn and jumping technique. They are continuing with endurance jumping, learning new tricks, long rope jumping and turning.  Students will also have the opportunity to learn partner jumping skills, double dutch and planning and practicing their own jump rope routine.

Kindergarten and 1st grade started with jumping with both feet, added ropes then learned how to do laps while jumping rope. Half of the 8th grade class helps one day a week in Kindergarten PE, giving individual attention to students with specific skills. I so appreciate their help.

Grades 2nd and 3rd will be creating their own individual routine while older grades can choose an individual, partner, or long rope routine.

Classes have also been participating in whole group games. Grades 1st through 5th have been playing Teacher Ball, a combination of kickball and baseball. Goals are to learn how to run bases, work as a team to pass the ball, minimize ball domination and not referee. Students will learn to manage themselves, not relying on others or a ref to tell them whether they are safe or not, and to cover the field and play their area.

5th grade joined 1st grade to help them learn the game. It was a beautiful thing seeing the older students helping the younger ones run the bases, learn how to catch and pass the ball and have fun while doing it. Great job 5th and 1st !

We will continue this month with jump roping, interspersed with a few group games, 54, Submarines and Mines, Shark Tag and Castleball.

We are not participating in the national Jump For Heart this year but support the American Red Cross in their mission to educate about heart health, risks and research. If you would like to donate, please visit their website.