Extended Day Care (EDC) Fun

EDC kids stay active before and after school.

Thespians get ready for a Christmas play.

EDC Kids Inspire One Another
The best thing about the EDC program at OLG is how all the age groups interact and engage with each other. The older kids help the younger ones and the younger kids help the older kids by their perspective of seeing things with new eyes as well as the funny things that they say. The older kids like the fact that the younger kids look up to them.


New Things

This past summer we had an air hockey table donated to us by the Meats! Thank you so much Christina and Tony for thinking of us. The kids have really enjoyed the air hockey table and it is used on a daily basis. The older kids have also enjoyed playing ping-pong. The older kids have been playing ping- pong so much that the younger kids have been observing them, and playing as well.

We love making slime!

We have had fun this fall from playing in the falling leaves out side to having our development coordinator’s daughters come in Shea and Mia and did a great slime project with our kids. Thank you Shea and Mia that was a huge hit, the kids loved it!!
The kids also love to do fun and emergent things from playing capture the flag, making paper fortune tellers to practicing and performing plays on stage for us.


Reminder for CYO Partipants
Parents, please provide a written permission note to have a coach sign out your child from EDC.


EDC Team
This year we have Lucy in the mornings and Wednesday afternoons Lucy has a great talent for art. Heather is with us in the afternoons, she is also our tutor coordinator in OLG and is a great help with the kids who need help with homework.


EDC phone number during EDC hours: 206-223-3487