Shop with SCRIP

What is Scrip?
  • Scrip is a Gift Card purchasing platform for OLG school fundraising.
  • At, you can purchase gift cards in everyday categories including groceries, gas, restaurants and more.
  • A percentage of each gift card purchased for yourself goes directly to OLG.  For example: If you purchased or reloaded a $25 Starbucks gift card from, you’ve just raised $1.75 for OLG. While you’re sipping a coconut latte on the way to your office, you’ve helped OLG and yourself one step closer to the fundraising goals.
How can you use Scrip to help OLG?
  • Buy Gift Cards: from over 750 brands at (mobile) or
  • Earn 1 to 15%+ Rebate: The rebate on the gift card you purchase immediately goes to fund OLG initiatives.
  • Reload Gift Card: You use the gift card on your everyday purchase however you like, and don’t forget to reload your card. OLG gets a rebate each time you reload as well.
Are you ready to order?

More Questions or need a live demo? Please contact your class rep or Scrip Team