Fall Fundraiser

Once again we have partnered with Charleston Wrap for our fall fundraising campaign this year.

Support our Fall Fundraiser!

There are over 500 high quality items to choose from, not just GIFT WRAP, but also fabulous HOMEGOODS, personalized GIFTS, and FOOD. Every purchase you make earns between 30-40% in much needed money for our school. Simply order from the catalog being sent home with your child, or visit the Charleston Wrap website to shop.

UPDATE:  Charleston Wrap prize campaign ended October 2nd and boy did we blow our goal out of the water!  Thanks to your support we blew past our $12,000 sales goal and made over $20,000 in sales (that brings approximately $8,000 directly to the Parent Org budget!)  Thank you for your support!

Continue to shop for Christmas or birthday gifts.  When you click the link, you can select a student, or simply choose “School” and enter our code, z-12596

Don’t have your student code yet?  Want to track your students sale progress?  Parents use this link here to get your student code, invite others to online shopping, and track your sales progress!

Happy Shopping!

Questions?  Contact our Parent Org. Fall Fundraising chair, Vanessa 

Your support of the Our Lady of Guadalupe School makes a world of difference! THANK YOU!