Get in “The Loop!”

Our Lady of Guadalupe is getting ready for a new, exciting event in a few months: “Loop the ‘Lupe,” a 5k fun run/walk and obstacle course, which will take place June 4, 2017 at Hundley Playfields across the street from OLG on 34th Avenue! Loop the ‘Lupe is a fundraiser that will provide ongoing support for the athletic programs and social outreach work OLG does from the Walmesley Center. The event features a 1k “loop” around the park, where participants will crawl around and over obstacles, run through a gauntlet of squirtgun-shooting kids, and more! The event will also feature a “Senior Saunter” and “Youth Dash” on a quarter-mile loop without obstacles. There’s something for everyone! This is a major event, and we NEED YOUR HELP in organizing, logistics, and fundraising. Information: Brian Callanan (206) 459-4292.