Holiday Scrip Fundraiser

Scrip Gift Card Sales

Don’t just think of Scrip gift cards as easy gifts and stocking stuffers for the holidays (although they are useful for that purpose). Please consider buying cards for the stores that YOU shop. Instead of using your credit or debit card, use Scrip gift cards to make your purchases and earn money for OLG at the same time! There is no door-to-door selling; no need to ask family and friends for their support. It’s easy! Just do your shopping with Scrip cards and the school earns money.

Here’s how it works: you buy the gift cards through OLG at face value. OLG purchases the cards from Scrip at 1-13% less than face value (varies by retailer). OLG then earns the 1-13% difference. Think about it, you are going to spend the money anyway, but if you spend it using Scrip gift cards you support our school at the same time. There are hundreds of retailers offered through Scrip and your cards can be used in-store or online, and many of them are reloadable. Do you shop at Safeway? PCC? Buy a Safeway gift card through OLG Scrip and use it for your next grocery run; or buy a re-loadable PCC gift card. Use the cards for grocery runs, home improvements, or to budget that Starbuck’s addiction. Are you a last minute Christmas shopper who relies on that Amazon Prime to get you free 2-day shipping? Buy a handful of Amazon gift cards and still get those items in the nick-of-time. It’s so easy!

Order forms came home in the FCE before the Thanksgiving! You will also soon be able to print off the order from our school website, as we are going to continue Scrip throughout the rest of the school year! So check the website in the next few days if you need another form. We promise FAST turn-around – it is possible to place an order for grocery store cards and be able to shop just a few days later. Place orders as often as you like (weekly, bi-weekly, every couple days…). Let’s get the most we can from this great program!

Contact Janet McClelland or Marisa Lewis with questions.