June 3rd Newsletter

June 3, 2016
Dear OLG Families,

Special thanks to Debbie Powell, our 7th grade leaders, and Parent Org for a wonderful, well-organized and fun Field Day, followed by lunch – and to the Lindholm family for providing the hot dogs!
At yesterday morning’s Light of Leadership Mass, the Class of 2016 passed the light of leadership on to our upcoming 8th grade leaders. We are looking forward to the gifts that they will bring and are grateful for the example that this year’s class has set.
Graduation was a wonderful celebration. JC Santos does such a great job preparing his students, and Ann Sager provided celebratory music. Cyrus B. spoke eloquently about the ways in which this class has grown in acceptance and friendship, as well as in appreciation of each other’s uniqueness, with fond memories of time together at OLG School. It’s great to see such polished and meaningful public speaking, and students shared memories from preschool – 8th grade and read with expressiveness and poise.
We are so proud of each of our graduates listed below and want to acknowledge a couple of special honors here:

Seattle Preparatory School Honors at Entrance scholarship and award – Kellen C.

Kennedy Catholic High School Leading Lancer scholarship and award – Audrey B., Mackenzie D. and Jacqueline S. 
Kateri R. was awarded the Knights of Columbus Hands of Jesus scholarship and award for service.
This year’s CYO Scholar Athlete scholarship and award winners were
Madison S.-J. and Cristian E.T.
Cyrus B. was the top OLG scorer on the American Scholastic Achievement League exam and was also the Washington State champion, as he was in 6th grade.
OLG Class of 2016
Anna A., Cyrus B., Pepe B., Audrey B., Kellen C., Mackenzie D., Cristian E.T., Kasey G., Kalei G., Wyatt H., Danica K., Michael L., Nick M., Claire O., Madison R., Kateri R., Henry R., Mikee R., Noah R., Chloe S., Nathan S., Jacqueline S., Madison S.-J., Mariana S., Christa U., and Nico V.
The OLG School Facebook page is up and running! This will be a great source of entertainment and information related to our fabulous school. Please invite all of your OLG friends to “like” our page, and check your Facebook feed often for news about upcoming and photos of your cute kids.

CYO Recognition

Congratulations to OLG parent Sherrie Gonzales for winning the 2016 Volleyball Coach of the Year award for CYO Athletics!  Sherrie was selected as this year’s winner by the CYO Seattle Volleyball Commission, following her nomination for this award.  Sherrie will be honored on June 9th at the “Champions of Faith” celebration with Archbishop Sartain along with other coaches in CYO Athletics. Sherrie has coached girls’ volleyball at OLG the past three years, and she does an amazing job teaching and coaching her team. Great job, Sherrie!
Student Council Fundraiser
Thanks to our Student Council and community, we raised $1,437.69 for Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos. Thank you for your generosity! To celebrate exceeding our goal, we will have a Free Dress Day on Thursday, June 9th.
St. Vincent de Paul “Stuff the Truck”
Please see the flyer for this upcoming drive for household items and clothing. Non-perishable food would be welcome as well! Weekend of June 11th and 12th.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

Parent Org Chair
Save the Carnival!
Currently there is no chair or co-chair for our annual Halloween Carnival. We need two volunteers to take over this beloved tradition ASAP, as planning needs to begin soon. The previous chair is available for guidance and support, but in order for this tradition to continue, we need two willing volunteers to take over and ensure our community carnival is here to stay for another couple of years. So, if you want to get more involved with our school, now is your chance! Step up, answer the call and keep the Carnival alive! (Both chair and co-chair positions receive an automatic 50 commitment hours). Contact Erin Stampe now to volunteer.
Uniform Exchange News
The end of the year is upon us. Has your child outgrown his or her uniform?  Well it’s time to turn it in for the next kid!  I will be collecting uniforms every day the week of June 6th.  For your convenience there will be empty boxes at both drop off/pick up areas at north and south lots.  Please bring in your gently used pants, jumpers, skirts, etc. No white shirts please unless they are new or barely used. Or, at any time you can bring them to the office. E-mail me with any questions. Thank you!
Uniform Exchange Rep

PE News
The days are ticking by. Students are anxious for summer break, teachers trying to get every last lesson in and there are many special events that change the daily schedule! The result is stress seen in forms such as: lack of patience, anxiousness, being tired, sadness, happiness….. you name it. We are done but we must carry on.
We will do our best by having 55 minute P.E. classes to play and have fun. Then we will try to have our classroom behavior back on as we walk out of P.E. This is a learning moment.
Grades Pre-K and K will do station activities with bowling, cup stacking, foam frisbees and beanie babies. They will also do a class with balls;  all kinds, beach, tennis, nerf, basket, sensory, juggling, every kind of ball that we have. We will also be doing parachute, scarf and balance beam activities.
Grades 1 through 4 will do many cooperative games, parachute, relays and field day activities we didn’t do on Field Day. I spent my Memorial weekend sewing up a couple of items for classes to have fun with. Can’t wait to try them out with classes.
Grades 5 through 7 will do some of their favorite games before being subjected to my choices. Usually their initial groans and protests are replaced by laughter and smiles once they start playing. Thank heavens they are nice enough to go with the flow. I look forward to these days, having to choose which games we will play today.  Life is good.
These last days of school will fly by. As will the summer so…….
Enjoy your summer with your family. Have fun with a little bit of relaxing thrown in. See you in the fall!

The West Seattle Grand Parade
Saturday, July 23rd, 11 am
What’s a great way to support Our Lady of Guadalupe during the summer, get a big head start on earning commitment hours for your family, and have huge amounts of fun? Why, it’s the West Seattle Grand Parade! It’s coming up in a few months, and we’d like to build on the success we’ve had over the past few years with our perennially top-ranked entry in the Community Division. The most important part: getting more parents, students, and teachers involved from the OLG family! Here’s how you can help:
Truck Driver: 
We REALLY, REALLY need another truck to for the parade this year! Please volunteer to drive your rig for us in the parade! We’ll decorate it on parade day and hook up our sound system to it for our dancers. Please volunteer!
OLG “Precision” Dance Team:
This is what puts us over the top! Get ready for three dance numbers we’ll do the entirety of the 1-mile route!  Kids, parents, teachers, everyone: we welcome you! The more we have in the group, the better OLG is represented to the crowd.
Parade Walkers:
We always need volunteers to walk the route, hand out candy, hold up banners, and wave at the crowd.  Please get involved! It’s lots of fun!
If you’d like to participate, please sign and return this form to the school office or email Brian Callanan, or call Brian at (206) 937-2855.  Got some great ideas on how to make our parade entry even better? Please include that, too! Phone calls will be made in the next few weeks to line up volunteers and get things ready to go!
Dates to Prepare for:
July 17th, noon (after Mass): Banner Painting and Dance Practice
July 23rd (Parade Day!): 9:00 am Truck/Float Preparation 10:00 am
Dance Rehearsal (please arrive no later than 10:30 am if you want to be in the parade)

Pastoral Assistant for Outreach
Got 2 Hours a Month?…Join the Brigade!
OLG’s Chicken Soup Brigade is looking for a couple new members to join the team!  This program helps our homebound, aged, and chronically ill neighbors to get groceries and nutritious meals.  OLG has a small team of volunteers who pick up the food and deliver it to people in need in West Seattle/White Center.  We could use some additional drivers to help with the Thursday afternoon route.  It’s an approximately 2-hour commitment every 3-4 weeks.  Working in a team provides some great flexibility and a chance to build community with others.  Volunteers receive training and support.  Interested?  Contact Jennifer Ibach at (206) 935-0358 ext. 120.

Important Info May 2012


Jump Up Day
June 8, 2016
1:35 – 2:05 pm
Meet next year’s teacher & visit the classroom!
FREE Dress 
June 9, 2016
We exceeded our NPH fundraising goal!
Last Day of School 
June 10, 2016
OLG School Summer Camps
Weeks of
June 13 & June 20
OLG Vacation Bible Camp
Week of June 27
School Supply Drop-off Night for 2016-17
August 30, 2016
First Day of School for 2016-17
September 1, 2016
Noon Dismissal
September 2, 2016
Noon Dismissal

We’re praying for a restful, refreshing summer vacation for all of you!
With gratitude for a wonderful year!