March 9th Newsletter

March 9, 2017

Dear OLG Families,
Thanks to everyone who participated in last night’s State of the School Meeting! I wish I could convey the energy in the meeting as teachers shared their passion for teaching and excitement about the new curriculum and special projects that they are implementing…from math to religion, as well as technology integration, and STEM projects that include so much more (religion, art and service). Thanks also to the parents who shared about the success of our math program in enabling their child to place into advanced high school math classes! Fr. Jack shared about the campus-wide facilities plans that we are putting in place and the commitment of the parish to prioritizing school facilities improvements for the first couple of years after the building debt is paid off. We celebrated our awesome Kentucky Derby Auction (final expenses are being tallied, so we will know our net revenue very soon).
Emails are being sent over the next couple of days with the 2017-18 registration link and important documents, as well as a checklist for you to use. At the meeting, the school’s decision to adopt FACTS Tuition Management program, starting in 2017-18, was announced. We’re excited about the streamlined invoices, 24/7 parent access to customer service and online account information, text or email alerts about upcoming payments, and much more. Our billing has become much more complex with additional programs, and we feel that it is time to move to a system designed to work with schools like ours and that is widely used throughout the archdiocesan Catholic schools. More information will be coming out soon about this transition.
You’ll notice that we’re bumping up our EDC rate from $4.50 to $5/hour for next year, still on the low end for after-school care. We’re continuing to offer the flexibility of a drop-in plan.
Additionally, after years of discussion, we are setting our auction item procurement value at $200. While this may seem like a substantial increase, at $125 we were asking approximately half of what other peer schools have set as a procurement value, for quite a few years. Our auction team will be creating a wish list and suggestions to help families procure items so that this should not need to be an out-of-pocket expense.
We had lively discussion and sharing at the meeting and are compiling the input about what families love about OLG and the hopes/dreams they have for our school. We’ll share those out with some input about how we are already addressing/will be addressing many of them! We appreciate the participation and feedback.
We’re working on getting our presentation compressed to a workable size to publish for those who weren’t able to attend. Meanwhile, feel free to call with any questions about re-enrollment that you may have.
Last chance…

Distinguished Teacher/Staff Excellence Award
The annual Distinguished Teacher/Staff Award recognizes one teacher or staff member for excellence.  That teacher or staff person receives a stipend for summer travel and pledges to bring the fruits of that trip back into the classroom or school.


The award allows OLG School to showcase its indispensable faculty and staff, one individual at a time, and underscores the important roles of refreshment, experience and inspiration in the learning process. Anyone may nominate a teacher or staff member.
Thank you to those of you who have already submitted a nomination for this year. You may complete the nomination form online. The deadline for nominations is Friday, March 10, 2017, so don’t delay!

This is such a wonderful opportunity for our teachers and staff!  I hope that you all will take the time to nominate one of the many special people who help us make OLG a very special place to learn and grow!

Referral Incentive Program
Thanks to our OLG School community for sharing the word about the great education at OLG!
I will be on an accreditation visiting team at St. Francis Cabrini School in Lakewood next week. While it’s always hard to be away from school, I look forward to the learning and sharing that comes with experiencing the daily life of another school community.
Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

Second Grade
Journeying through Lent in 2nd Grade
In second grade, we recognize that Lent is a time to reflect and pray on ways we can become more like Jesus. We are already like Jesus because we are made in the image and likeness of God. But Lent calls us to be more like Jesus through our thoughts, words, and actions. Second graders are journeying through Lent with several activities. First, we have made Lenten Promises in which we have “given up” something in order to “make room” to do something that will help us be more like Jesus. Second, we are doing a new type of prayer, called Lectio Divino (Divine Word) with the Sunday gospel readings. In Lectio Divino, we listen to the reading three times: the first time, we just listen and get familiar with the story; the second time we listen for one part of the reading that stands out for us; the third time we ask Jesus what He wants us to learn from the reading and how He wants us to be more like Him in the coming week. We then draw an illustration of part of the gospel, and those illustrations are displayed in the hallway, on large crosses, as a reminder of this prayerful Lenten season. Finally, we are growing in our relationship with Jesus by learning the parts of the Mass. We are creating hand signals to help remember the parts and order of the Rite of the Liturgy/Mass.
Other fun happenings in second grade include lots of learning about Japan! We are using informational and literary texts, as well as iPads, computers, and the Seattle Public Library website to learn about Japan, while also meeting the Common Core Standards for Language Arts. We have learned about the people of Japan, traditional Japanese houses, and Japanese writing (using characters instead of letters). We have had lots of fun practicing writing our own names in Japanese characters using watercolor paints.
As we journey through Lent, we are also journeying towards First Communion, when we will be fully welcomed to the table of the Lord. We ask for your prayers during this preparation time, that we might experience God in new ways and that we will always have the courage to share our special gifts with the world around us.
Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

Physical Education
PE News
The winter months have been filled with volleyball and jump roping.
In keeping with Student Council’s fund raising for the American Heart Association, classes have been jump roping and learning about heart health. Some classes have practiced chest compressions on manikins and have learned what to do in an emergency. We are continuing with both activities for two more weeks.
Pre-K and K
Students are learning the beginning of

jump roping, turning the rope and jumping with both feet. Throwing and catching what they throw, underhand and overhand throws, and walking while throwing and catching are skills they always work on.
Grades 1 and 2
The classes are continuing with some basics, like K, and adding more refinements to the jumps. They try to jump low, with both feet, with arms close in, and continuing for one minute, restarting if they miss. They have worked on jumping in place as well as doing laps while jumping rope.
Grades 3 – 5
Classes have been jump roping while moving as well as stationary for three minutes or more.  They have also done long rope jumping, practicing turning, keeping in rhythm with their partner, jumping in and out, side to side jumping (watermelon), group jumping and continuous jumping. They are now working on tricks or different jumps and will be combining three different moves for individual  routines. They have great enthusiasm!
Grades 6 – 8
Volleyball, volleyball, volleyball! This is 6th grade’s intro to playing every PE class. Those who have never played are learning the game. Next they will practice being a ref. Seventh and 8th are used to playing each year, 8th grade brushing up on their game in anticipation of the annual 8th vs. teachers game in the near future!

Get in the Loop!
Ready to climb over walls, crawl through mud, and test your mettle on a host of exciting challenges? Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish is inviting YOU to Loop the ‘Lupe, a fun new event featuring an obstacle course, a fun run/walk 5K, plus special events for seniors and young kids. Loop the ‘Lupe will be held June 4, 2017 at Walt Hundley Playfield in West Seattle (just across the street from OLG). Loop the ‘Lupe is a fundraiser for debt reduction and ongoing maintenance of OLG’s gym facility, the Walmesley Center. The Center is a very important part of the West Seattle community, serving more than 8,000 kids and families per year with free community meals, athletic events, social outreach functions, blood drives, and more! Please register now to get an early registration discount, and/or donate to our GoFundMe site!

Parish Outreach
Rice Bowl Reflection
We encounter Evelina in Zambia as she and other mothers in her community learn new ways to provide nutritious meals for their growing children and families.  How do we ensure that those who are hungry have not only food but true nourishment?  Visit the CRS Rice Bowl website for more.  You’ll find Stories of Hope from each of the featured countries as well as various reflections and activities.  You can also download the Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl app for iPhones and Androids or sign up for weekly reflection emails.
“Who is my Neighbor?” RSVP At-Home Lenten Reflection Series: Week 2
Last week, the RSVP Lenten small groups began to meet for their weekly reflections.  The reflections are centered on the Sunday gospels and the Washington State Catholic Bishops’ new pastoral letter on poverty, “Who is my Neighbor?”. We know not everyone can join a group so we created an at-home series as well!  This week, we invite you to spend some time with the two-page insert in this bulletin.  Consider trying the weekly challenge of living on a poverty line budget for a week or day to see what’s it like.  For more information, visit our RSVP website.

Click here to learn more about CYO sports at OLG!
Save the Date!
The OLG/CYO Golf tournament is scheduled for Saturday, May 20th at 7:00 am at West Seattle Golf Course.  Lunch, awards, and a prize raffle will immediately follow the golf.  Further information, along with sign-up sheets and sponsorship forms, will be available soon.  If you have any questions, please contact Tom Colberg at (206) 618-1361.

Important Info May 2012


No School
Archdiocesan In-service Day 
March 10
Parent Org Meeting 
March 14
6:30 – 7:30 pm
School Math Lab
Upcoming March Pizza Fridays
March 17
March 31
OLG Day of Service
March 25
Class Photos/Graduation Photos
April 5th
Pre-k – 8th grade
Stations of the Cross
led by 7th grade
April 11th
2:00 pm
in the church
Holy Thursday 
Soup Supper
April 13th
5:30 pm
School Hall
Good Friday
Noon Dismissal
April 14th
Easter Vacation
April 17-21
6th Grade to Camp Hamilton
April 25-28
Talent Show
May 26

In thanksgiving for the opportunity to participate in a loving, service-oriented and faith-filled school community.