October 28th Newsletter

October 28, 2016

Dear OLG Families,

It was great to see so many of you at conferences this week! Thanks to Beth Sommerville for a successful Secret Garden book fair and to all of our teachers and students for the reflection and preparation that went into fall conferences. It’s not to late to dive in and lend a hand for tomorrow’s Halloween Carnival! Learn about open volunteer shifts and Parent Org Pizza Friday lunches here!

OLG Students Earned the Tenacity Award at Seattle Prep Math Games
Last Saturday, Seattle Prep hosted The Math Games, a math meet of almost 200 8th graders from 24 different schools in our Archdiocese.  Representing Our Lady of Guadalupe and adding to this collection of math brainpower was our very own eighth graders, Emily A. and Emma C.  Please read their reflection below.
Three awards were given out: Most Spirit Award, Teamwork Award & Tenacity Award.  OLG snagged the Tenacity Award!  Way to go, Emily and Emma!
Reflection from Emily and Emma:
Because we were only a team of two, we went into the games with a kind of nervous energy. We were nervous about the difficulty of the problems, nervous about the time limits, nervous about being the undersized team…But as we got into it, we realized that it wasn’t about how many people you had on your team or how many teams your school had.  It was truly about how we could work as a team and figure out how to solve these math problems together. Everyone we met up with (both participants and volunteers) were very supportive and proud that we had decided to come despite the circumstances. Throughout the whole tournament we struggled, helped each other, and grew in not only mathematics, but also in our faith. It wasn’t only about the math. It truly was about building strong teamwork skills, coming together, and connecting our Catholicism to it. In the end, we won an award for being the most tenacious team because of our determination and attitude to never give up.  We hope to start a new tradition here at Our Lady of Guadalupe School and encourage future eighth graders to participate.  
Congratulations, Emma and Emily, and thank you for representing OLG so impressively!
Help Us Reach Our School Fund Drive Goal!

Make a pledge by November 4th to help earn these  special incentives for your class.
80% participation = class party
90% participation = class party and free dress
100% participation = class party, free dress and No Homework
If you have already given, thank you! All preexisting pledges will be counted towards your children’s class totals as well.  If you have not yet had a chance to make a pledge, please do so by November 4th.  You can return the envelope included in the FCE, or donate online here.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!


School Counselor
Acorn and Chocolate Soup

Dark windy mornings, swirling crimson and gold leaves, and periodic downpours, all mark the gradual transition of fall into winter. With this
change comes less certainty each day whether recess will be outdoors, or in. As playground supervisor I have the awesome responsibility of making that call! Not taking it lightly, I check the up to-the-minute weather app on my phone, scan the skies for ominous cloud formations, check the school flag for wind direction, and look for raindrops sprinkling pavement puddles. (I really do. But I have yet to climb to the roof of the school to examine the Weather Bug!) Should it be too rainy to go outside, students play games in their classrooms or gather in the gym for lots of running and basketball. But recently, all elements have been perfect for outdoor recess.

Over the years students have come to regard our play areas as the “upper lot,” directly across from school, and the “downer lot” (makes sense) down the hill in the park. How fortunate we are to have this vast expanse of soccer turf and goals, a play structure for climbing and sliding, grass, trees, and leaves at our disposal.

Several days ago, the sun was out, just a bit. The wind was blowing just  enough to stir leaves from the trees. It had poured earlier in the morning. Pockets of water were trapped between tree roots. Students gathered at the corner, straining to cross into the downer lot. Once waved across, like wild mustangs they were immediately on the run! I moved down the hill further into the park as well.
As groups of students peeled away to play soccer, touch football, tag, or four-sqtrees-square-sm.jpguare, others chose to play more inventive games. Three first grade girls were busy leaning short sticks against the base of an oak tree. “Ladies, what are you doing?” “We’re making a house for fairies. We have to find just the right leaves for the roof, and for beds.” I noticed a beetle crawling nearby, and pointed that out to them. Alarmed, they stated sternly “Fairies don’t like beetles.” (Who knew?) They flicked it away with a stick and continued roofing the fairy house. Walking around to the other side of the tree I found another student kneeling next to tree roots. With stick in hand, she firmly stirred dirt into a puddle. I watched as she dropped acorns in several at a time, stirred, and acorn.jpg added a few more. I leaned closer and asked, “What are you making?” Without looking up she replied, “Acorn and chocolate soup.” She kept stirring. “Is it a special recipe?” Reaching for more acorns she said, “It’s a family recipe. It’s kind of a secret Ms. Heidi.” Bending even closer I asked, “May I try it?” She smiled, a little startled by my question. “No, it isn’t ready yet. It needs to cook more.”
I smiled as I walked away slowly, scanning the entire park. Excited voices drifted up the hill, as team ran and bumped against team. Coats were flung off before boys and girls clambered onto the play structure. And of course construction continued on the fairy house, while acorn chocolate soup thickened. No rain, some sun, lovely. How incredibly fortunate we are. I said a quiet prayer of thanks…
Heidi Ehrenberg

Music Preschool/Pre-K – 5th grade and 4th/5th Chorus
From the OLG Music Piano Bench:

This autumn has been FUN! We’ve already done a lot of singing and moving in every class, we’ve studied several composers, and we’ve watched a little bit of opera. We have amazing technology that does get used, but most lessons in music are very low-tech: hands-on instruments, singing, moving, listening, and making noise! I continue to use our wonderful Music Express magazines that help me provide varied, polished, and engaging lessons.

Last Thursday, we had a 4th/5th Grade Chorus of about 31 for our first All-School Mass. The musical energy was infectious and I hope we can sustain that enthusiasm throughout the year! Please try to come and witness one of our school masses! We sang “Shine Jesus Shine”, “Keep Me Safe O God”, “Somebody’s Knockin”, “Go Make A Difference”, “Prayer of St. Francis”, and “Power of Peace”.

In the classrooms, we do a LOT.  You can keep track by checking my Running Lesson Log on the OLG Music webpage.

Here are some highlights:

Preschool and Pre-K

  • have gotten to move/sing/discuss songs like “Walk! Skip! Gallop!”, “Happy”, “Whisper! Talk! Sing! Shout”, “Time for School”, “Fallin’ for Fall”, “Forte-Piano”, “Cha Cha Cha Boogie”, and “Halloween Hand Jive”.
  • We’ve talked about and listened to songs by Beethoven and Mozart.
  • We’ve kept a steady beat and/or improvised on our instruments (xylophones, rhythm sticks, Boomwhackers, etc.) as we play along with songs like “Uniquely Me”, “Welcome to Beat Street”, “Steady Eddie”, “Street Beat”, and “Cajun Spice”.
  • We’ve played various Orff instruments as accompaniment for a “Sound Poem” about Jack-O-Lanterns.

Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd

  • These students enjoy moving and singing on songs like “Walk! Skip! Gallop!”, “Happy”, “Whisper! Talk! Sing! Shout”, “Time for School”, “Fallin’ for Fall”, “Forte-Piano”, “Cha Cha Cha Boogie”, and “Halloween Hand Jive”.  We’ve also learned choreography to pop songs like “Sing!” and “Better When I’m Dancing”.
  • We’ve kept a steady beat and/or improvised on our instruments   (xylophones, rhythm sticks, Boomwhackers, etc.) as we play along with songs like “Uniquely Me”, “Welcome to Beat Street”, “Steady Eddie”, “Street Beat”, and “Cajun Spice”.  We’ve played dozens of different Orff instruments as accompaniment for a “Sound Poem” about Jack-O-Lanterns.
  • We learned about rhythms through games like “Beat Detective”, “Beat the Teacher”.  We’ve learned and sung “A Ram Sam Sam” in a ROUND (!) and with hand signals.
  • We’ve learned about four composers, so far:  Beethoven (especially his 5th Symphony), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Eine Kleine Nacht), John Williams (“Star Wars Theme”), and Camille Saint-Saens (“Danse Macabre”).
  • We are learning an old WWI troops song, “Pack Up Your Troubles”, as we prepare for Veterans Day.

3rd, 4th, and 5th In addition to doing most of the songs and activities for K, 1st, and 2nd; we have

  • learned to Identify Leitmotifs and Themes in the composer songs
  • visited Brazil through stories, songs, dances, and images
  • gotten quizzed on notes of the staff
  • compared original and “cover” songs
  • learned about Mozart’s Opera, “The Magic Flute”
  • played a singing game, “Spin Around”, akin to Marco Polo
  • …and lots more!!!

CHORUS is on fire this year.

  • We had a terrific first Mass with the whole school.
  • We are preparing to help lead the Veterans Day Assembly in song.
  • We are preparing some songs for our Impromptu Lunchtime Performances.
  • We’ve been practicing a Music Express Magazine song+choreography called, “Be A Friend”.  We’ll submit our video to the magazine and hope to be included in their nation-wide video.

Let me just say: THIS IS STILL SO FUN!  Getting to be loud/silly and then focused/reverent with your children is quite an amazing position to be in.  Thank you!

Ms. Sager

Parent Org Chair 

OLG Halloween Carnival: Tomorrow, Saturday, Oct. 29th: 4 – 8:00 pm!
Volunteers are Needed Both Shifts – and Tickets, Cakes & Parking

Pitch in for your school! All help is greatly appreciated. Sign up here or email Gretchen Hill!

Set-up must be completed before 12 pm on Saturday.
  • 1st shift for most attractions begins at 3:45. Volunteers, please look for email instructions for your job.
  • 2nd Shift begins at 5:45. Go to your assigned area or check-in with previous shift.
  • Clean up can start on some jobs before 8 pm & will be completed around 9 pm.
Be prepared for limited parking. The South Lot will be reserved for Mass attendees ONLY & expect the North Lot will be mostly closed for bouncy houses.
Postcards, Tickets & Will Call
Share your carnival postcards with neighbors, family, & friends. Tickets & wristbands will be available for purchase at the Carnival: $14 wristband, Tickets 10 for $5. Advance Purchase Tickets & Wristbands will be available for pick-up just inside the Walmesley Center by the “Will Call” sign.
Cakes & Decorating Contest
Where & when do I donate the cakes? Bring your cakes to the downstairs School Hall (SW 34th & Myrtle) between 9:00 am & 12:00 pm on Saturday Oct. 29th. If the door is locked, we will be right back.
Pizza Fridays!
To spice up lunchtime at OLG (and give parents a break from packing mini-pizza-spatula.jpg lunches!), we are going to commence Pizza Fridays on November 4th. Because there are only two Fridays of school in November, we will be using this month to pilot the program. Families will have the opportunity to pre-purchase a lunch including a slice a pizza, fruit, and a treat for $4 ($6 for two slices).

If you have concerns, please contact Jennifer Dempsey ASAP by email or (206) 877-2441. The online pizza order form is now available! Watch your email for further information from OLG Parent Org about Friday pizza lunches.

Family Math Night!
Mark Your Calendars: November 14th is the OLG Family Math Night for K-5, sponsored by Parent Org! 6:30 p.m. in the Parish Hall
Come join other OLG families to explore fun and engaging games that you can play with your kids to develop your kid’s competence and confidence in math.  This fun event will introduce your family to everyday games that are not only fun to play, but help your kids develop core math skills. Thank you to Lisa Booth for organizing this fun and important event for our OLG community. Lisa is looking for some extra help!  Do you like math? Do you love games? Are you looking for a fun way to earn commitment hours? If so, this is the job for you (6th -8th grade students encouraged to help)! If you are interested in helping Lisa coordinate, or to volunteer for Math Night please click here!
OLG Uniform & Recreational Apparel and Gear Sale – ongoing! 

Thank you to all who purchased OLG apparel for our fall-focused fundraiser! You will see those orders in your child’s back pack in approximately 2 weeks. Missed the deadline? Want to order for holiday gifts?

We’ll be offering another opportunity shortly!
Volunteers Needed for Light Up the Night Event (December 2nd)!
December is just around the corner, and our Light Up The Night team is working hard to make this year’s event a sight to behold! As always, this will be a festive and joyous community experience, but we can’t do it without your help. This is a great way to earn commitment hours for the school year! Please contact our Light Up the Night chairs, Minerva Del Rosario or Yen Del Rosario , and sign-up to help! A full list of opportunities will be coming soon.
Box Tops for Education

Time to turn in Box Tops! Please drop off labels from Box Tops products at the school office or by the church library. Clean out your stash in the

month of October so we can meet our next deadline!  To learn more about participating products, visit

our Fundraising page, or contact Laura Wong.

Thank you, OLG families!  We appreciate your time and participation!
Save the date for our 2017 Kentucky Derby auction
February 25, 2017, Brockey Center, South Seattle College
December 2nd – Procurement items due for the Auction!

Your auction co-chairs, Alder Kuhn & Fabiola Prechtel

Upcoming Events:
  • Next PO meeting: November 8th 6:30 pm in Math Lab; all are encouraged to attend!
  • Coffee and Donuts after Mass (7th grades) – November 13th after both Masses
  • Light Up the Night – December 2nd
  • Math Night in the School Hall – November 14th  6:30 pm

Keep Up with our Current and Former OLG Students!
See OLG 8th grader, Emily Amesquita, in the Seattle Opera’s performance of Hansel and Gretel
We all know the story of Hansel & Gretel, but Seattle Opera is performing a contemporary version of the story, so it may not be what you expect!
Dates, times and ticket information can best be accessed through Seattle Opera’s website. Sunday, October 30th is Family Day, with special rates!
See OLG Alums Perform in Seattle Prep’s Fall Play, Frankenstein!
Frankenstein is directed by Adam Othman and features a talented cast, including a leading role for OLG ’13 alum Sam Hiatt as the Creature! The production also features OLG alums Gabriel Berger ’13, Jessica Sommerville ’15 and Cyrus Berger ’16 in supporting roles. Get your tickets now for this thought-provoking tale of love, hate and revenge. (Note: Due to the intense nature of the story, parental discretion advised for children under 10.)

Pastoral Assistant for Outreach
October Community Meal:  Desserts Needed 
The Community Meal happens each month at OLG and aims to provide a free meal for anyone in the greater community who wishes to attend.  We are looking for people who can drop off a homemade or store-bought dessert for our guests on October 30th in the Walmesley Center (drop off any time after 9:45 am). If you’re able to help, please contact Colleen. You are also invited to stay for the lunch, which is a served at 1:00 pm. Thank you for serving our OLG and West Seattle communities!

Pastoral Associate
Catholics Care. Catholics Vote. Form Your Conscience 

In their statement on Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship, the U.S. Catholic bishops urge Catholics to form their consciences through being open to truth, studying Scripture and Church teaching, examining facts and background information, and prayerful reflection. See the insert in today’s bulletin to learn more and visit our parish website to read the statement, watch videos, and access other great resources. Resources are also available on the Faithful Citizenship table in the narthex of the church.

South Seattle Deanery Planning Process: Let Your Voice Be Heard!  

If you were unable to attend one of the Listening Sessions, a draft of the pastoral planning recommendations that are intended to address issues related to the pastoral care of parishes is now available for your review through a Survey Monkey link, which is accessible on a computer or smart phone.  You can find the link on our parish website’s home page. You will be able to read not only the recommendations themselves, but also to read a summary of the highlights of what led to these recommendations.  You will also have a chance to give your feedback. If you do not have access to a computer or smart phone, please contact Helen at (206) 935-0358 and arrangements can be made to make the information available to you.  Deadline for responses is October 31st. This is your last chance to give feedback before the plan is submitted to Archbishop Sartain.

Liturgy Day: “Sabbath: Restore, Replenish, & Refocusing Our Hearts & Minds  

All parishioners are invited to join our liturgical ministers for a morning of renewal and reflection on Saturday, November 5th from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm in the Walmesley Center. In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, we will reflect upon the significance of Sabbath in the midst of our busy lives.

Click here to learn more about CYO sports at OLG!
The Ciao Down Italian Dinner is just around the corner!

Important Info May 2012


Halloween Carnival
Saturday, Oct. 29th
4:00 – 8:00 pm
OLG school campus!
All-School Mass
planned by 3rd grade & parish
All Saints’ Day
Tuesday, Nov. 1st
9:00 am
Parent Org Meeting
Tuesday, Nov. 8th
6:30 – 7:30 pm
Math Lab
Auction Committee Meeting 
Wednesday, Nov. 9th
6:30 – 7:30 pm
Math Lab
Veteran’s Day Assembly
planned by 4th grade
Thursday, Nov. 10th
8:45 am
Coffee & Donuts
sponsored by 7th Grade
Sunday, Nov. 13th
Walmesley Center
Parent Org Family Math Night
Monday, Nov. 14th
School Hall
6:30 pm
Over 65 Dinner 
5th grade
Sunday, Nov. 20th
School Hall
Noon Dismissal for Thanksgiving break
Wednesday, Nov. 23rd
NO School
Thursday, Nov. 24th
Friday, Nov. 25th
All-School Mass
Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe Celebration
Student Council & K
Wednesday, Dec. 14th
9:00 am
Auction Committee Meeting
Wednesday, Dec. 14th
6:30 – 7:30
Math Lab
NOON Dismissal for Christmas break
Friday, Dec. 16th
First Day back in 2017
Tuesday, Jan. 3rd
Auction Committee Meeting

Wednesday, Dec. 14th

6:30 – 7:30 pm
Math Lab
Auction Committee Meeting

Wednesday, Jan. 11th

6:30 – 7:30 pm
Math Lab
Trivia Night
Saturday, Jan. 14th
5:00 pm
Walmesley Center
Auction Committee Meeting

Wednesday, Feb. 8th

6:30 – 7:30 pm
Math Lab

For all of those in our community who are experiencing loss or suffering at this time. That God’s peace and love may bring them comfort.
In gratitude for all of the gifts and blessings in our lives; may we share them generously and give thanks daily!