OLG Newsletter – Dec. 18th

December 18, 2014

Dear OLG Families,

I wish you a wonderful fourth week of Advent and celebration of Christmas! I want to thank Mrs. Hoch, who prepared such lovely Advent prayer services for us this year, as we gathered each week in the hallways around our Advent wreaths for prayer, reflection, and song. Through this special time as a school community, we really entered into this season with hope, peace, joy, and as we ready ourselves for the fourth week, love. We’ve looked at ways in which we can follow Mary’s lead and say a wholehearted “Yes” to God.

Opportunities to continue the celebration as we approach Christmas are listed in the “Important Information” and “Parish Outreach” and “Parish News” sections of today’s newsletter. If you have a few extra hours before the Seahawks’ game on Sunday and would be able to help decorate the church, that would be greatly appreciated. (strong “tree movers” are especially needed!)

Volunteer Opportunity – Help Decorate OLG Church for Christmas!

Thank you to Ms. Sager, Miss McKamey, and Mrs. Milanese, for leading us in a joyous Christmas Sing-a-Long yesterday. Our students and staff brought lots of Christmas spirit and beautiful voices and instrumental music. Mr. Pagan, our new Maintenance Supervisor, surprised us with an ice cream treat, and our Student Council provided prayer and leadership!

Registration is still open for Winter/Spring Extracurriculars, but act quickly if you’d like to sign your child up for the following programs, which begin soon after we return in January: 

  • Singing Club  
  • Mary Poppins with Sing Out Seattle
  • Healthy Snacks and Healthy Lunches
  • Middle School Robotics

If this month has slipped by, and you haven’t submitted your parish commitment card for 2015-16, here is the link for your convenience, so that you can complete this by December 31st. Commitment cards are also available in the church and at the parish office.

Stay healthy! Please be aware that we have had quite a few cases of strep throat reported this week.

Thank you for the gift of all that each of you bring to our community!

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

Laura Vornbrock and Laurie Robbins

Auction Chairs

Procurement Update!  Family Donation Deadline Dec 12th -COMPLETE!

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to the auction! We have almost all donations turned in, and will continue to accept items through Friday, Dec 19th.

School website – Auction Link

Have you discovered our Auction area on the school website?  You can find it from the home page, or here.

Facebook page!

Are you looking for a way to stay connected to all the things the Parent Org is doing?  We are excited to announce the OLG Parent Org Facebook page!  We will have updates and announcements throughout the year on this page.  We are launching it with the focus being the auction to begin with, but will use it throughout the year for fundraising activities, parent education nights, and social events.

“Like” us here OLG Parent Org

Coming up!

We wish everyone a safe, and joyous Christmas Season, and look forward to sharing more Auction news with you in January!

Laura Vornbrock and Laurie Robbins

Erin Stampe

Parent Org Chair

Internet Safety Handouts

For those of you who attended our December 4th Internet Safety Parent Ed Night, or for those who were not able to come, there are handouts at the front desk with important safety tips about how to protect our children. There is also a handout that lists valuable resources with everything from where to report cyberbullying to a comparison of software that helps parents track what sites and apps your kids are using. Please contact Erin Stampe or Heidi Ehrenberg with further questions about the handouts.

Heidi Ehrenberg

School Counselor

A Gift

The Christmas season is here. Well, it’s been on its way for what seems like months. The commercial aspect kicks into gear with the trumpeting of “Chi chi chi chia!” Of course, who doesn’t need an “Ove-Glove?” Don’t forget “Clap on, clap off, the clapper…”

I grew up in Spokane, in a beautiful four story red brick house. It had a staircase with banister, perfect for sliding down time and again. Christmas lights were not the typical outline along the gutters of the house, but rather a single electric candle in each window, golden warm. Bells hung from the front door. Circles of ivy wrapped around scented candles scattered throughout the house. Poinsettias, fir boughs, and huge fir cones were perched on the mantel. Felt stockings with our names in glitter hung in a row. Our 8-foot tree filled the living room corner, fragrant and dripping with tinsel. There were ornaments my father had as a child, and those we had made as children. Once the manger scene was unwrapped, my brothers and I were free to set the figures in place. Tablecloths, napkins, dishes, pillows, all had a Christmas flare. If my mother could have coiled lights around the toilet seats, she would have done so!

The dining room table was pulled and stretched to capacity, accommodating all family and special friends. My father hummed and whistled softly as he carved the turkey. The smells, the smiles, the arguing, the teasing, wrestling, dish washing, gift wrapping, gift opening, (always new flannel pajamas and slippers), phone ringing, dog barking, snow shoveling, snowball fights, snowman making, sledding, sharing fondue, hiking to a nearby pond to ice skate, and skiing. It was the best. It was amazing…

My parents are gone now, along with most of the people who sat around that Christmas table. I miss them. But the memories are vivid and wonderful. I know not everyone can embrace happy family memories… Several years ago, I was visiting my brother and his family for Christmas. My niece Sami and her friend Lisa were drawing pictures. I suggested they draw something with a Christmas theme. Sami drew a star above her house, and a Christmas tree in the window. Lisa drew a Christmas tree as well. Next to it was a TV and couch. There were other rooms drawn, with figures in them. When Lisa explained she said, “That’s me on the couch, that’s my mom in her office, that’s my brother in his room, and that’s my dad in the garage.” “What day is it?” I asked. “Christmas,” she said.

Making warm and positive memories can stay with you for a lifetime. You don’t have to “Chi chi chi chia,” or drape endless lights. Make new memories each year by spending time with those you love, with those you may need to reach out to… Your children will remember the holiday magic and the spirit you create! Could there be a finer gift?

I wish you all a warm and memorable season of celebration!

Jennifer Ibach

Parish Outreach Coordinator

Celebrate the tradition of Día de los Tres Reyes Magos Sunday January 4th!

Your family is invited to a child-centered Three Kings Party, Potluck, and Food Drive on Sunday, January 4th from 12-2pm in the Parish Hall.  In Mexico, Epiphany, or Three Kings Day/El Dia de los Tres Reyes Magos, is the day families celebrate the visit of the three kings from distant lands who welcome the baby Jesus and His family with gifts and friendship.  Parish and non-parish families are invited to share in an interfaith celebration that includes crafts, story-telling, games, and hopefully a visit from the Tres Reyes themselves!  Please RSVP to Rebecca at 206-380-4684, with how many children and their ages, so the Three Kings pack enough gifts for all. Rice, beans, hot chocolate, and la Rosca, the special bread eaten on this holiday will be provided. Please consider bringing an appetizer, salads or drinks, and a food item/canned food for St. Vincent de Paul.

Pastoral Associate
Our Lady of Guadalupe has a wonderful tradition of inviting all children who want to participate in our Christmas Eve Children’s Mass, December 24th at 4:00 pm. Five wonderful parishioners have made additional costumes, so that all of our children can participate in the reenactment of the Christmas Story. Please see the flyer to find out more, or contact Marion Kari at (206)935-0358, ext. 113.
Please see our Advent and Christmas Schedule for Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish. Join us in celebrating this Holy Season!

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Catholic Schools Week Mass & Open House
January 25, 2015

For Ken van der Hagen, Emily Amesquita’s grandpa.

For a blessed Christmas for all those we love and those in need of our prayers at this time.