OLG Newsletter – March 13th

March 13, 2015

Dear OLG Families,

We hope you’re enjoying these long and beautiful March days!

Please see below for the link to nominate a teacher or staff member for a special summer enrichment opportunity!

2014-2015 Distinguished Teacher/Staff Award Nomination

Speaking of summer, here are our OLG offerings for this summer for students in grades K-6. We know that many of our middle school students are already signed up for outdoor trips with Mr. Franck!

Summer Extra Curricular Activities

Our auction chairs, Laura Vornbrock and Laurie Robbins will wrap up their report about the success of this year’s Sparkle! Auction once the online post-auction opportunities are closed next week!

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

Spanish Specialist Pre K – 5 and 7th Grade

Señora Brodahl  

La Clase de Pre-K

The Pre-K class continues to learn the numbers, letters and weather.  We will be focusing on what kinds of fruits/FRUTAS they like to eat by saying Me gusta comer, or NO me gusta comer. They will be singing along with the song, “Frutas“.

La Clase de Kindergarten

The Kindergarteners have been learning the numbers 1-15, followed by the song “Los numeros with Basho and Friends” (the numbers) and using addition flashcards to practice the numbers as well. We will be learning the song related to spring called, “Somos Como las Flores” (Each of us is a Flower).  They will create a book from the song.  They will also learn new vocabulary related to what they see in the spring.  Veo flores, lluvia, arcoiris, animals bebés, etc. (I see flowers, rain, rainbows, baby animals, etc.). In our warm-up time, we continue reviewing the weather, days of the week and alphabet.
La Clase de Primer Grado

The First Grade students will be practicing the farm animals and saying, “Mi animal favorito es ____.” (My favorite animal is___.).  They will also learn various things that they see in la primavera (the spring) with a spring song, “Somos como las flores (Each of us is a flower). They will create flashcards to practice their vocabulary words for spring.  I am very impressed by how excited they are in learning new themes every month in Spanish class and how well they are able to memorize, identify, and apply the vocabulary learned.

La Clase de Segundo Grado

The Second Grade students continue to review the weather, the months of the year, numbers and the alphabet. We will be creating flashcards to learn spring words, “En la primavera yo veo ___”( In spring I see__).  I am very happy to see how the students are very engaged in learning new Spanish words and phrases every time we meet.

La Clase de Tercer Grado

Third Graders will have a great time learning the foods and working in groups asking each other what they like to eat and what they dislike, using the phrases: “¿Qué te gusta comer? Que no te gusta comer.” The Third Graders will create a fruit stand in the classroom and order their favorite fruit to eat. Example of the conversation: “Quiero comer manzana, pera y uvas. Por favor” (I’d like to eat apple, pear and grapes.  Please!)

La Clase de Cuarto Grado

The Fourth Graders will start talking about going to places on different days of the week and times. Learning common places in the community such as el cine (movies), la ecuela (school), la tienda (store), el restaurant, (restaurant) etc. They also learn how to use the singular present tense forms of ir (to go) followed by a song that will make it fun and easy to learn this grammar lesson.


La Clase de Quinto Grado

The Fifth Graders did a great job in telling time creating clocks and also did fantastic work on a test telling time. Kudos!  This month, we will be focusing on what they like to eat and what they don’t like for desayuno, almuerzo y cena.  We will talk about the types of meriendas (snacks) the Latin American culture likes to eat and what time they eat snacks and meals.

La Clase de Septimo Grado

The Seventh Graders are doing great with Unit 5:  ¡Aventura! We have covered the country of Costa Rica, the verb tener (to have), expressing strong feelings with ¡Qué (+adjective/noun), what activities you do throughout the week in school and at home. We will be learning direct object pronouns.  This month they are working on a project with a partner creating an imaginary town of their own with 10 community places. They will present it in Spanish to the class and will say where each place is located.  The goal of this project is to learn to give directions.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s progress, please feel free to contact me.

Erin Stampe

Parent Org Chair

The April 30th deadline for 2014-2015 commitment hours is nearly here! Do you still need hours to complete your commitment to the school? Volunteer for our Parent Hospitality Team for the upcoming accreditation visit March 24th – 26th and help our community welcome the accreditation team in true OLG style!

We are gathering volunteers to bake, cook, and set-up and clean-up meals for our visiting accreditation team. The volunteer hours are set-up around times many of you are at the school for other commitments and our volunteer crews are set-up to be efficient and quick for minimal disturbance to the accreditation team.

Do you work and need “work at home” volunteer hours? Consider baking and/or cooking a dish or meal! This is a great way to earn hours from the comfort of your own kitchen. Prepare your dish at home and drop it off at the main school office on the day it is needed. We need breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert dishes and snack items*.

Do you drop your child off early at EDC or for zero period Spanish? Can you spare 15-20 minutes? Consider brewing coffee and helping to set-up breakfast and snacks.

Are you at the school mid-morning for recess duty or to help in a classroom? Consider volunteering to do mid-morning snack check and replenish consumed snack food and beverages.

Are you at the school for lunch recess duty? Volunteer to be on the lunch team and help set up the lunch buffet and replenish snack items.

Swing by a few minutes before school pick-up and check on our snacks one more time for the afternoon – it’s easy!

Will you be at the school/parish for a scout meeting or other event? Join our dinner team and help heat food and set-up the meal and dessert.

Click here to sign-up and be on our Parent Hospitality Team and earn double the hours!

*Note: There are some dietary restrictions due to allergies on the accreditation team. We need gluten-free and shellfish-free options, as well as traditional dishes.

Helen Oesterle

Pastoral Associate

Save the Date! 

World Religion Series in April-May

We will visit other faith communities and their worship spaces – primarily in West Seattle. Series will take place on Tuesdays evenings, beginning after Easter.  More to come…

OLG Night with the Mariners 

Friday, May 15, 7:05 pm against the Boston Red Sox

Opening Day is just around the corner and now is the time to mark your calendars to join others in cheering on the Mariners, eating hotdogs and popcorn, and playing the hydro races!  It promises to be a great season.  You can order your tickets by going to our parish website or pick up an order form in the back of church or at the parish office.  $17 per person.  Accessible seating is available.

Volunteers to Help with Confirmation Reception 

We need a few more volunteers to help host the Confirmation Reception with Bishop Eusebio on Sunday, April 19th after the 11:00 Mass.


Jennifer Ibach

Parish Outreach Coordinator

CRS Rice Bowl: Hungering for Peace
We journey with CRS Rice Bowl to Lebanon to be present to a people who themselves are on a journey.  Here we meet a family of Syrian refugees, a family perhaps not so unlike our own.  We are challenged through our almsgiving this week to reach out to those who are forced to flee their homes, who are seeking shelter in a land of peace.  Looking for a way to share Rice Bowl with your family?  Check out the Rice Bowl Family Activities.

Click here to: 


Important Info May 2012

Over 65 Dinner
March 15, 2015
1:00 – 3:00 pm
hosted by 5th grade class and families
Report Cards sent home
March 19, 2015
NO School
Staff In-service Day
March 20, 2015
Accreditation Visit
March 24-26, 2015
Tuesday – Thursday
All-School Mass
March 25, 2015
(new date!)
planned by 8th grade and kindergarten


Please keep the Powell/Morrow family in your prayers. Welcome back, Mrs. Powell!