OLG Newsletter – May 21st

May 21, 2015

Dear OLG Families,

Today has been one of those days when I feel so blessed to work in a Catholic parish school community! Our 2nd graders, led by Mrs. Hoch, stepped up as leaders, just a few weeks after their First Communion celebration, and prepared today’s all-school Mass. They were awesome faith leaders for our community. Sitting with them during Mass, I found myself inspired and smiling with their enthusiastic responses and song. Each of the students showed such reverence, poise, and joy as they entered into their roles during the liturgy. The theme was sharing our gifts, something they do so well!

Last night’s concert was also a delight! Ms. Sager continues to impress us with her creative themes and the performances of even our youngest students! As they move up through the grades, it’s wonderful to see their growing skill, confidence, and terrific stage presence. This was very evident with our wonderful Middle School Choir and the Band trumpet.jpg as well. Thank you, Ms. Milanese and Miss McKamey! We appreciate your love of teaching and music and the care that each of you puts into working with our students!

Student Council Announces Theme Free Dress Day for 5/28! 

Student Council is sponsoring Throwback Thursday Decades Day next Thursday, May 28th! Pick your favorite decade and have fun showing your OLG spirit!
Keep the Music Alive During the Summertime!

2012 Band

Kennedy Catholic Elementary Summer Band Camp is July 6-10th from 12:15 – 2:00 pm for all current band members!
Don’t miss out on this great experience!
Hard copies of registration forms have been given to band members. They can also be located on Kennedy Catholic H.S. website!
See Miss McKamey for additional information!  Learning and fun:  What an awesome combination!
Eighth Grade Musical
Mark your calendars now for this year’s 8th Grade Musical, in the Walmesley Center on Thursday, May 28th at 7:00 pm. The 2015 graduating class will be presenting Disney’s “Aristocats” KIDS. We hope to see you there!
Summer Learning and Fun Activities
Space still remains in our Camping and the Great Outdoors Literacy Camp, Giddy-Up and Go Sports and Outdoor Activities Camp, A “Trip” to Latin America, and Launch into Science! Sign up today!

Thank you from Kimberly LaRiviere

Thanks again for your donations to the women’s homeless shelters at OLG and Sacred Heart parishes. I was able to collect from all of you 20 toothbrushes, 101 ounces of toothpaste,92 ounces of body wash, 440 ounces of shampoo, 290 ounces of conditioner, 250 ounces of body lotion, 27 large bath towels, 120 individual clothes detergents, 14 blankets, 41 pairs of socks, over 730 servings of coffee, tea and hot chocolate, 10 top and bottom sets and a big bag full of feminine hygiene items. See below for a complete list:
Toothpaste – travel -18                             Sets of ear plugs  –  12

Toothpaste – large – 11                             Tissue – travel – 13

Toothpaste kits – 17                                 Large box of Q-tips – 2

Mouthwash – large – 4                               Box of bandaids – 3

Bars of soap – 72                                      Eye covers – 26

Razors 6                                                    Makeup – 60

Shaving Cream  5                                     Hand Towels 12

Deodorant  9                                             Shower caps  25

Body Wash -Large 2                                  Tops 9

Body Wash -Travel 21                               Sweat Pants 11

Hairspray 3                                                Hats  1

Combs  12                                                 Coffee/hot chocolate – 5

Shampoo-Travel  56                                  Coffee/hot chocolate – 94

Shampoo-Large   19                                  Coffee mugs – 11

Hair conditioner-Travel  78                        Hand sanitizer – 2 large

Hair conditioner-Large  10                         Perfumes – 14

Body Lotion-Large  12                                Nail files – 10

Body Lotion-Travel  119
Field Day Thanks!

Special thanks to Mrs. Powell, the 7th grade activity leaders, and all of the wonderful volunteers who made last Friday’s Field Day such a success! A fun time was had by all.


Have a lovely Memorial Day Weekend!

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

Erin Stampe

Parent Org Chair

Scrip Gift Cards Are Back for Dads and Grads!

Order your cards now through May 29th

There are so many ways to use these cards! Get cards to all your favorite retailers, do your routine shopping, use your Scrip gift cards to pay and earn OLG free money. It’s that easy! These cards also make great gifts for those hard to shop for teens and dads. A gift card to their favorite store is always sure to please!

Order forms went home last week in the FCE. Don’t see your favorite store on the form? No worries! There is a much bigger, complete list of retailers online. Simply write the name of the gift card you want and the amount on the back of the form that went home in the FCE. We promise FAST turn-around – it is possible to place an order for grocery store cards and be able to shop just a few days later. Place orders as often as you like (weekly, bi-weekly, every couple of days…) up through May 29th. Let’s get the most we can from this great program!

Contact Janet McClelland or Marisa Lewis with questions.

Want a fun way to earn your commitment hours this next school year?


This is a great opportunity to get involved with the school, meet lots of great people, and have a terrific time making a difference!

We have the following positions available for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year:

1)     Parent Org Secretary – Attend and take minutes at monthly meetings. Help out at Parent Org events when available.

2)     eScrip Chair & eScrip Co-Chair – Coordinate and maintain our eScrip program. Learn more about eScrip here. This job can be done from home on your time. Attend Parent Org meetings, when available, to provide updates on eScrip earnings.

Email Erin Stampe if you are interested in any of these spots, or if you have further questions.

Jog-a-thon Wrap-Up

Reminder: We are working hard to close out the Jog-a-thon numbers for the year. Please get your payments in. You can make an easy online payment. If you have already paid your invoices, thank you!
Ninja Update: On Monday, May 25, OLG graduate James “The Beast” McGrath will make his Season 7 American Ninja Warrior debut. The show starts at 8:00 pm on NBC. Let’s cheer him on!

Hello Parents,

It’s been a blessing and honor teaching your children this year at OLG. I’ve been so happy every time I’ve stepped into your children’s classrooms because they have always been so excited to learn new songs, new vocabulary words, greetings and all the fun things I am so passionate for them to learn. They are continuing to feel more confident when they are speaking and learning Spanish. Thank you for having wonderful children. My seventh graders, thank you for coming so early to class and always being happy and ready to learn.

Thank you for a wonderful first year at OLG!

The Pre-K Class

It’s been a wonderful experience getting to meet the youngest in the school.  What little active learners they have been all year long.  They have been learning the colors, numbers, letters, family members, their own names, the days of the week and feelings. This month we focused on la primavera vocabulary and songs.


It’s been a pleasure and a joy to see the kindergartners enthusiastically singing as a warm up to start up our Spanish classes this year.  The kindergartners learned, discovered and sang songs in Spanish. This month we integrated the famous books of Eric Carle to learn farm animals, other animals and the parts of the body. They had so much fun acting out the animals.

The First Grade Class

The first graders have been a very energetic group of students. It’s been a pleasure to see them actively be very engaged and excited to start the Spanish class with singing a morning song for warm up and then start with simple everyday questions and commands.  The highlight of this month is that we integrated the cycle of a butterfly and words of insects with the famous books of Eric Carle.  The students acted out La Oruga Muy Hambrienta by identifying familiar vocabulary like the the days of the week, fruits and food.

Second Grade Class

The second graders are a fun, enthusiastic and very involved group of students who encourage and help each other learn Spanish.  I am so thrilled to see how well they have learned to engage in simple conversations and questions among themselves, using greetings, weather conditions and the days of the week. Rockalingua has been a highlight all year long for learning and engaging with fun catchy Spanish songs and vocabulary. This month, the students learned twenty different animals and how to describe their favorite animals with their classmates. They also wrote about and drew their animal.

Third Grade Class

The third graders are an active and involved group of children.  It’s been great teaching them Spanish this year.  We focused on different themes and topics including greetings, weather, food, colors, seasons, clothing as well as nouns and adjectives to describe animals. We learned through fun activities such as games, songs, conversations and activities that combine speaking skills and physical movement.

This month we have been focusing on animals and describing what the animal is like with adjectives.

Fourth Grade

The fourth graders are a very energetic group and enthusiastic about learning something new every time I would teach a Spanish lesson. It’s been a great learning experience for them this year.  We focused on various themes including greetings feelings, emotions, general questions and responses naming classroom objects, shapes, going to places, school activities, action verbs, and seasons describing the weather, likes and dislikes.  This month we are starting to conjugate verbs with ar endings. To make it easy to learn the students learned a song called o, as, a, amos, an otra vez. It’s been a pleasure teaching the fourth graders this year.

Fifth Grade News

The Fifth Grade students are progressing well and seem to be enjoying the Spanish lessons this year. We started as a warm up each class with songs where students would listen to the song and then try to write the missing words of the song on a sheet with the song’s missing words. Songs were related to the theme to be learned that day. This was a great way for them to develop good listening comprehension skills.

We have been describing people with adjectives, asking and talking about ages and birthdays, describing various objects, and discussing what the students like and dislike with foods. We have also talked about the weather, seasons and clothing. I am very impressed by how well the students can describe each other and ask questions with the correct grammar forms in Spanish, including descriptions of colors, shapes, and sizes.

The Fifth Graders are developing basic grammar skills and everyday vocabulary for conversation and creative expression in Spanish.  The Fifth Graders are becoming more and more skilled at using Spanish.  I look forward to their continued enthusiasm and development.

Seventh Grade News

The seventh graders have been a pleasure to teach this year.  Every morning as a warm up to start the Spanish class,they walk around and greet each other by asking question about the weather, the date and how they are feeling, using everyday conversation and vocabulary. I try to make the lessons very active with lots of movement in the classroom to keep my students active and engaged in the lessons. This month the seventh graders will learn of the different types of Latin American dances, as well as dance from Spain. They will give a presentation and show us a few steps of the different dances.  We are hoping to take a trip to the taco truck down on Fauntleroy in June to say “adios” to Spanish class until the fall. Stay tuned!

I am getting ready for a fun summer program for OLG students who would like to sign up to the camp – LET”S TRAVEL AROUND LATIN AMERICA IN FIVE DAYS! Hope to see some of you there.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Hasta Luego,

Sra. Brodahl

Family Faith Formation/Pastoral Care
Middle school, high school, and adult volunteers are needed to make Vacation Bible School a success! Please see the flyer

for details, including training times! This is a fun and rewarding way to spend a summer week.

Jennifer Ibach

Pastoral Assistant for Outreach

Help Deliver Meals to Neighbors in Need

Did you know that OLG has been a meal drop-off site for Chicken Soup Brigade for the past 8 years? This program helps our homebound, aged, and chronically ill neighbors to get groceries and nutritious meals. Food delivery is currently being done by the organization’s staff, so we are looking for some drivers and volunteers who can help them expand their reach in West Seattle. Would you be able to pick up groceries/meals at their distribution center in Georgetown on a Thursday afternoon?  Could you be at OLG between 4-5pm on Thursdays to hand out meals to the 5 local clients?  Would you have an hour or two on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon or a Saturday morning to deliver food to 4-7 homebound or ill neighbors?  We are looking to form a team so that pick up and delivery could rotate, making it possible to serve just once a month.  Interested?  Contact Jennifer Ibach at 206-935-0358 x.120.

Click here to: 


Important Info May 2012

Summer 2015 Extra-Curriculars– still time to sign up!***

Professional Development Day
May 22, 2015
Memorial Day Holiday
May 25, 2015
8th Grade Musical
May 28, 2015
7:00 pm in the gym
All are welcome!
4th Grade Band Recruitment Assembly
May 29, 2015
10:30 am School Hall
Talent Show
May 29, 2015
1:15 pm School Hall
Light of Leadership Mass & Graduation
June 3, 2015
Mass 9:00 am
Graduation Ceremony 7:00 pm
Jump-Up Day
June 8, 2015
2:15 pm
Last Day of School
NOON Dismissal
June 12, 2015

Please pray for Minnie Cardenas, grandmother of Cora Cardenas. Minnie recently died.
Please pray for Steve Stabe. Steve is the uncle of Cooper and Marek Hall. He recently went to Heaven.
Please pray for Jovie Samson, aunt of Kaila Lim, and for the Lim family. Jovie recently died.

Please pray for Judy Fowler, mother of Chantille Henry and grandmother of Wyatt Henry. Judy is experiencing health challenges, and prayers are appreciated!

Please pray for Lisa Booth, OLG parent, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is optimistically undergoing treatment. The Booth family appreciate the support and prayers of our OLG community.
Lisa’s sister has set up the following website which shows how folks can specifically help and also gives details on Lisa’s cancer, treatment plan, etc.