PE News

PE News

Each year I overestimate what I can accomplish during the last 3 months of the year. These months are filled with holidays, school events and colds. I forget how much stress, excitement and not feeling 100% well contribute to attention span, patience and general goofiness. So, this holiday, I give. I let classes just play. When the willingness and participation wane during the basketball unit, then I take three suggestion, classes vote and top game is played. They play, move, have fun and the time passes by quickly. Everyone leaves with smiles, sweaty brows and ready to sit in the classroom and learn.

Please give in during this hectic time. Go play, laugh, get sweaty with your children. Stop, watch a good old Christmas movie and play board games. Enjoy the moment, forget the million other things that must be done for Christmas and savor the one you are in. Enjoy your children, enjoy their enthusiasm. I wish you a joyful holiday!

Pre-K is learning group stretches and exercises. They practice throwing and catching with balls, tennis balls and ghosts. they have been practicing dribbling and hula hooping and we have been working in galloping, skipping and sliding.

Grades K and 1 have been doing Turkey tag, Tail tag and Rock tag; learning to tag lightly, follow the rules of the game, be honest and stay on their feet. They also work on movement skills; galloping, skipping, backwards run, hopping and bear walks.

Grades 2 through 4 have been playing Zone tag which requires not just speed but accuracy and strategies to complete. It is a never ending tag game with every class member having a chance to be a tagger. Classes also did basketball relays and worked on individual basketball skills. We will be moving into multi-team games next, everyone’s favorite 54, King Bean and Cat’s and Dogs.

Grades 5 through 8 rotate through basketball games and activities and their favorite games, after their warm-up of laps, push-ups and ab exercises. These classes will do a sleep study after the new year. We will reference how we feel to our previous night’s sleep for the following week after the study.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Debbie Powell