Student Support Programs

OLG School is committed to academic excellence as well as the emotional and spiritual wellbeing for every child. Our student population represents a wide range of unique talents, backgrounds, families, and learning styles, as we believe that student potential can come in a variety of combinations with students excelling in some areas but needing support in others. This diverse learning environment, where students are surrounded by children who may not think the same way they do, may not learn the same way they do, or may not have their same talents, allows them to truly embrace diversity and everyone’s differences as the beautiful nature of life. As they grow and reach graduation, this will also help prepare them for high school and beyond, where they will continue studying and, later on, working with people with a wide range of abilities, talents, as well as approaches to learning.


This is why our school has a strong and well-established support system in place to assist students, meeting them where they are and journeying with them to reach their potential. We assist where needed through one-on-one tutoring, Sounds Partners tutoring program, a dedicated Learning Support Specialist, as well as counseling.

How we can support our students:

Please take a moment to learn more about these programs by clicking the links above or contact us with any questions.