Saints, Science & Social Studies

Allie Savio

Third Grade


In honor of All Saints Day, each third grader chose one saint to research and study throughout the month of November. This project culminated in aImage 4 class presentation where students dressed as their saint. The saint presentations were WONDERFUL. We will keep the posters on display for a few weeks in the school hallway, so please feel free to come on in!


WE ROCK IN 3RD GRADE! Third graders are studying about rocks and minerals. Throughout the unit, students have had the opportunity to investigate a selection of the most common rocks and minerals that make up Earth’s crust and learnImage 2 some techniques used by geologists to identify them. Our science journals contain loads of observations, measurements, and data. It’s always hands-on and tons of fun in science class!

 Image 3Social Studies

As part of our social studies unit on Seattle, the third grade class took a field trip to Pike Place Market to experience and explore one of the longest-running farmer’s markets in the United States. Students were excited to talk to fishmongers and listen to buskers. We also had the chance to see the dirtiest place in Seattle…the GUM WALL! While third graders were bummed to hear the gum wall would soon get cleaned, they are eager to go back to the market to get started on Gum Wall 2.0.