Salmon & Blessings in 1st Grade

Just keep Swimming… IMG_0265 

First graders continue to grow and learn into the last week of school. We will wrap up our yearlong unit on salmon. We explored our guiding question, “What is the science of salmon?” We generated questions that guided our research. We used multiple sources to find answers to our many questions. This unit encompasses and integrates all disciplines.

Our salmon study began in the fall with a trip to Mary Olson Farm on the Green River where we watched spawners come home to nest. In January our salmon eggs arrived at school. We helped our sixth grade buddies raise salmon from egg to fry and released them in the local Fauntleroy Creek. We recorded our observations and their transformation in our science logs. As the cycle unfolded we wrote, illustrated, and edited salmon life cycle books on the laptops.

We read and listened to countless stories and informational texts about salmon. We especially enjoyed The Prince and the Salmon People, a retelling of the Native American (Tsimshian) story of the salmon. It helped us understand the salmon’s significance in the Pacific Northwest culture. With this in mind we wrote our salmon pledges that outlined how we could be good stewards of the watershed in which we live.

We also used the arts to round out and enhance our learning. We made incredibly realistic salmon with Ms. Bellia and simple colorful paper fish, too. We mastered and performed the Salmon Chant. We created a wondrous mural of the sea that was used as a backdrop for our salmon chant and created our headpieces for the performance as well.

Now we look to next year, an important year in our spiritual journey. We enjoyed a visit from Father Jack. He came to bless our prayer rugs, candles and books that we will use to create sacred spaces at home for next big adventure!