Señora Brodahl’s Spanish Class News

Spanish – PreK-5 & 7th Grade
Wow!  It is November already. The year is flying by.  During the last two weeks of October, OLG students did a fantastic job learning and creating beautiful activities for the special day celebrated in Mexico, The Day of the Dead.  This celebration is an opportunity to remember loved ones who have passed away and make festive art for them.  OLG students made many special items to remember loved ones on this celebration: marigolds, papel picado, books, altars, candles, sugar skulls, and they decorated their skeletons and skull masks.  The hallway bulletin board in the front of the school looked beautiful with all the students’ activities.

The Pre-K Classes have been doing an excellent job learning the colors, the numbers, and the alphabet with Cosmo the Dog. This month, we will be talking about la familia (the family).  We will be learning how to say mamá, papa, abuelo and abuela and will be learning more about family members through songs and books.
The Kindergarten Class has been learning the days of the week, colors, numbers, and greetings. This month we will be learning la familia (the family) and with the end of the year holidays coming we will learn the family members and how important it is to celebrate with your relatives and friends.  Here are some great songs you can practice with your children online at home: visit Basho and Friends and you will see all the fun songs your kindergarteners have been singing in class.
The First Graders have been reviewing the alphabet, numbers, days of the week, the weather and greeting each other. This month they will
be learning palabras de otoño (fall words) and la familia (the family).
The Second Graders have been spending time reviewing colors, numbers and greetings, the months of the year and the weather in Spanish with Rockalingua.  This month we will be learning the “what do you see- en el otoño” (the fall) and review la familia and how important it is celebrating the end of the year holidays with your relatives and friends.
The Third Graders have been spending time reviewing their favorite things such as color, animal, food and book. (Mi favorito color es; mi animal; mi comida y mi libro favorito es). We have also been learning the weather, numbers and the months of the year.  This month we will be focusing on their familia.  They will identify the family members in Spanish and talk about their own familia.
The Fourth Graders are very active and energetic students. We have been reviewing numbers, letters, the days of week and classroom objects. This month the Fourth graders will learn a song about the family with Rockalingua and will be creating a family tree.  Parents will have a chance to talk about your family tree with your student.  That will make this activity fun and easy for your children to create a unique family tree in class.
The Fifth Graders are a pleasure to teach this year.  They are a fun and energetic group of students.  This month we will be reviewing vocabulary, numbers, nouns and the use of the in Spanish (el y la). We will also be learning how to tell time in Spanish.  The fifth graders will be given Spanish homework once a week throughout the year.  This will help them review what we are learning in class.

The Seventh Graders are a joy to teach so early in the morning. They are a very engaged and enthusiastic group.  They have been reviewing the family and conjugating verbs. This month will be talking about what they like to do, (A mi me gusta nadar).  I’m looking forward to a great year of teaching them Spanish.