Seventh Grade Garden Project

Hello OLG Families,

My name is Sofia M. and I wrote this on behalf of the seventh grade class. This year our science teacher wanted to change things up! We had the option of working with “Foss” kits, like we have since the first grade, but the drawback of “Foss” kits is that you are set up to succeed but in science, like in real life, you may not succeed on your first try. Our other option was to find something to improve within our school community. Well we chose the second option. Our first plan of action was to get into groups and tour the campus, looking for problems or things to improve on. After many discussions on what we should improve we chose to make our campus more inviting and attractive. We chose to plant flowers and other native plants in flowerbeds that previously had plants. Our priority was to plant a vegetable garden in the strip of grass located in the South parking lot. The vegetables we grow will go to food banks.

After many weeks of hard work and dedication, it’s time to put our plan into action! In order to do that, we need your help. As I am sure you know, everything has a price. Well, we thought ahead and applied for a few grants, but unfortunately we were not awarded any. So we must now turn to our immediate community. That means the seventh grade will be hosting a fundraiser. The fundraiser will take place between March 14th and March 28th. There will be a prize for the class that raises the most money. Along with dollar donations we will gladly accept donations of supplies, materials and your time. We will accept anything from lumber to tools to construction labor.

If you have any questions, concerns or ideas on funds please contact the middle school science teacher, Mr. Stein-Ross. Thank you so much!


Sofia M. on behalf of the seventh grade class