Spanish Class News

Hola Parents,

Caramba! It’s almost the end of our school year and now getting ready for summer diversion (fun)!

It’s been a blessing and honor teaching the students another year at OLG – always feeling enthusiastic, every time I stepped into your children’s classrooms to teach them Spanish. They are always excited to learn new songs, new vocabulary words, greetings and all the fun things planned. As always, I’m trying my hardest for the students to learn in a fun and safe environment, and make them feel confident when they are speaking and learning Spanish. Thank you for raising such wonderful children. My seventh graders, thank you for coming early to class always ready to learn. Again, thank you for another wonderful fun year of learning Spanish at OLG.

News from the Prek class

The pre-k class has been a wonderful experience! Getting to meet the youngest in the school is always exciting. What little active learners they have been all year long. They have been learning the colors, numbers, letters, family members, their own names, the days of the week and the feelings over the course of this year. This month we focused on la primavera and los animales vocabulary and songs.

The Kindergarteners

It’s been a pleasure and a joy to see the kindergarteners enthusiastically singing, as a warm up to start off the Spanish classes this year. The kindergarteners learned and discovered new songs in Spanish. This month the Kindergarteners integrated sea life to learn vocabulary about the creatures in the ocean. They also learned the animals and made mask of their favorite animal. They had so much fun acting out the animals.

The First Grade Class

The first graders have been a very energetic group of students. It’s been a pleasure to see them actively engaged and excited to start the Spanish class with a Spanish prayer and singing a morning/afternoon song for warm up, then with a simple everyday question and command. The highlight of this month has been integrating the cycle of a butterfly and world of insects with the famous books of Eric Carle. The students acted out La oruga muy hambrienta, by identifying familiar vocabulary like the days of the week, fruits and other food and the cycle of the butterfly.

The Second Grade Class

The second graders are a fun and enthusiastic and very involved group of students who encourage and help each other learn Spanish. I am so thrilled to see how well they learned to engage in simple conversations and questions among themselves, using greetings weather conditions, and the days of the week.

Rockalingua again has been a highlight all year long learning, engaging with fun catchy Spanish songs and vocabulary.

This month the students learned animals and describe their favorite animals with their classmates. They are also learning to talk about what they like to eat/drink: Me gusta comer/ Me gusta tomar.

Third Grade Class

The third graders are an active and involved group of children. It’s been great teaching them Spanish this year. We focused on different themes and topics including greetings, weather, food, colors, seasons and clothing and using nouns adjectives to describe animals. We did all of this with fun activities such as games songs conversations activities that combine speaking skills and physical movement. They also enjoyed listening to Rockalingua all year long, which is engaging with fun catchy Spanish songs and vocabulary.

Fourth Grade

The fourth graders are a very energetic group and enthusiastic to learn something new every time I teach a Spanish lesson. We focused on various themes including greetings feelings/emotions, general questions and responses, naming classroom objects, shapes, places, school activities, action verbs, and seasons, describing the weather, and likes and dislikes. This month we are starting to conjugate verbs with ar endings. To make it easy to learn the students learned a song called o, as, a, amos, an otra vez… It’s been a pleasure teaching the fourth graders this year.

Fifth Grade News

The fifth grade students are progressing well and seem to be enjoying the Spanish lessons this year. We start with a prayer, then follow with songs. This month we are starting to conjugate verbs with ar ir, er endings. To make it easy to learn the conjugation, the students learned a song called o, as, a, amos, an otra vez…

This year they learned to describe people with adjectives, asking and talking about ages and birthdays, describing various objects, and discussing what the students like and dislike with foods. We have also talked about the weather seasons and clothing. I am very impressed by how well the students can describe each other and ask questions with the correct grammar forms in Spanish, including descriptions of colors, shapes, and sizes. The Fifth Graders are developing a basic grammar, and everyday vocabulary for conversation and creative expression in Spanish. The Fifth Graders are becoming more and more skilled at using Spanish. I look forward to their continued enthusiasm and development next year.

Seventh Grade News

The seventh graders have been a pleasure to teach this year. Every morning we started with a prayer and as a warm up to start the Spanish class they would walk around and greet each other by asking questions about the weather, the date, how they were feeling, and everyday conversation and vocabulary. I tried to make the lessons very active with lots of movement in the classroom to keep them active and engaged in the lessons. This month the seventh graders will have an interview and talk about themselves to the class. They are getting ready to do this because this will be their final grade in Spanish. I am very looking forward to this final activity to see how they can use their everyday conversation and feel confident in Speaking Spanish to their peers.

The seventh graders are developing basic grammar and everyday vocabulary for conversation and creative expression in Spanish. They are becoming more skilled at using Spanish. It’s been a pleasure teaching the seventh graders this year.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email.

Hasta Luego, Happy Verano (summer)!

Sra. Brodahl