Spanish Class News

Wow! It is already February time is flying by! It is always a pleasure to teach Spanish at OLG. I feel very blessed to be part of this community, and I love teaching Spanish to your children. Since January and February are sneaking out, let’s see what your kids have been learning and what themes they will be focusing on this month…

What is the Pre-K learning?

Last month the Pre-K students learned what to wear when it’s cold. They practiced three vocabulary words related to clothing: gorro, mitones y botas. (hat, mittens, and boots). This month we will be focusing on the color red, hearts and animals including: cats, dogs, and fish (gato, perro y pez). The Pre-K students really enjoy listening to Basho and Friends.

What are the Kindergarteners learning in Spanish?

The kindergarteners learned new vocabulary: What do you wear when its cold? Mitones, chaqueta, botas, y bufanda. They also learned a new song/video called Pingüino. This month we will be focusing on colors, numbers and valentine’s day words. Stay tuned to see some fun books created by your children.

What are the First Graders learning in Spanish?

The first graders learned new vocabulary words for winter and what to wear for this season. New vocabulary words include: Cuando hace frio llevo: (When it is cold I wear ) bufanda, sueter chaqueta, gorro, y mitones. We also played a memory game with the new vocabulary words and created a book with the new words and learned new songs related to winter. They learned a new song/video called Pingüino. The students learned the vocabulary words from the song and created a book. Stay tuned: I will send their Spanish note books for you to look at what they are learning in class; however they need to come back to Mrs. Gazewood’s class, please. This month we will be creating Valentine’s Day cards to learn vocabulary words.

What are the Second Graders learning in Spanish?

The second graders have been learning the month of the year and what to wear when it is cold. They created little books that they glue in their Spanish notebooks. Stay tuned: the notebooks will be paying a visit to your homes; however they will need to come back to Mrs. Hoch’s classroom to continue work in class. This month the second grade class will be creating memory games of February words and play with a partner. It is very rewarding how amazingly your kids are building a great foundation of vocabulary words in Spanish.

What are the Third Graders learning in Spanish?

The third graders had a fun activity that kept them very busy. They worked in three groups and each group had to sing a phrase in Spanish: Como te llamas tu? Como te sientes? Donde vives? This is a song by Basho and Friends. The students were able to do a great job in singing and answering the questions. You should check out the Basho and Friends video of the song: Como the llamas? This month we are working on the four seasons. I am very impressed on how well the class is reading and writing sentences in Spanish about the seasons.

What are the Fourth Graders learning?

The fourth grade class is a fun and very enthusiastic group of children that really like to learn new vocabulary words, phrases, games, videos and songs. Your children are very fast learners and are fun to teach! We have been working on Que hay en la casa? “What’s in the house?” vocabulary words and the seasons. The fourth graders received a packet from Rockalingua from the theme that we will be focusing on. It is a very fun and engaging way to learn, read and practice vocabulary words and phrases. Students bring the packets home for homework. This month we will be focusing on daily routines using verbs in Spanish. Beginning in January I’ve asked your children to bring headphones to Spanish so they can listen to Rockalingua, play the games, learn vocabulary and watch videos related to the theme we are learning in class. This helps them do independent learning in class when using headphones. We try to do this every Friday.

What are the Fifth graders learning?

The Fifth graders are being challenged this year. They have been focusing more on grammar tenses in a fun engaging way with videos and songs. We started learning pronouns in Spanish and the verb ser (to be; I am you are, he/she is, they are, we are). They learned it with a video with Srita. Rau> THE SER SONG. We are also using the Rockalingua website to learn new vocabulary words, phrases, games and watch videos. We will be using this website more independently. I will be asking the fifth graders to bring headphones so then can borrow an ipad and go on the website and learn on their own.

What are the Seventh Graders learning?

The Seventh graders are a very hard working group of scholars that are doing a fantastic job early in the morning, learning Spanish four times a week! Kuddos to them and the parents. I am very happy be teaching them. This month we are moving on to Unit 4 in Aventura. They did fantastic on conjugating all the verbs ending in –AR, -ER and -IR. Now they understand the verb to go “IR” which is an irregular verb. In unit 4 they will learn the following; family members, likes and dislikes, describe people and things with correct grammar: gustar, using estar verb and SER vs. ESTAR. Our cultural focus is on Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me by email.


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